10 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True! (Part 2)


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  1. 9/11 was an excuse to invade Islamic Countries. 9/11 was just an operation carried out by the CIA. And they have done this more than one time, i mean killing their own people to spread propoganda against Islam.

  2. I've known about the "government looking at you" thing. Hey Government, you like YouTube, Anime Amino, Snapchat and Twitter? Cause boi, that's all you gonna see.

  3. COINTELPRO is the reason Leonard Peltier is still in prison. AIM still exists, but are not what they used to be, but the government still sees them as a massive threat.

    And I know at least one ship WAS actually torpedoed in the Gulf of Tonkin during the war…because my brother was on that ship.

  4. Don't forget that the government was found responsible for orchestrating and carrying out MLK's assassination in a federal civil wrongful death case in the 90's

  5. 1944: a scientist adolf hitler feared the desease of cancer, so he sent all of his scientist to find a cure, but what many of us don't know is that dc.ottowarbug actually did, our govt. has been keeping this cure secret since

  6. You gonna talk about cointelpro, but not cointelpro murders? FRED HAMPTON! Come on, gotta be some woke folks up in here!

  7. k so the government are some nosey fuckers. they fucking know when I'm looking at and drawing porn, they also know what I like to watch on youtube wtf

  8. Alright, here’s something to think about.
    I’m sure everyone knows about Apple’s “Hey Siri” feature, but has anyone really thought about it. Siri activates anytime someone says “Hey Siri”, no buttons, no tapping, just words. This means that your phone is always listening to everything you say, so how do you know Apple doesn’t record your conversations, or isn’t working with the government? Think about it

  9. To be honest, my online activities are mostly between boring and weird, but never at the 'Black Helicopters storm your house' level. They can monitor all they want. Maybe they start releasing my stats to Online Content Companies and I will see more stuff that I like

  10. Dear government
    If you're going to track me anyway, don't show me ads with stuff I have to pay for. You know I'm way too cheap for that shit.

  11. Most conspiracy theories are purposely made ''silly'' enough in order to mask the real reasonings that would identify it as a scam/etc. This is particularly true in the U.S., where basicaly anything you say against any mass-accepted ''fact'' wil immediately tag you as one of ''those'' silly conspiracy theorists.
    I got the first hint of this concept when I was talking to the mom of an american friend I had in Italy, I was expressing my doubts on the real intentions of Berlusconi to run as prime minister (about 20 years ago). Her first response was ''OH, you are one of THOSE conspiracy theorists?''. I didn't even know what ''conspiracy theorist'' meant at that time. Then it became more and more obvious: a lot of ludicrous ''conspiracy theories'' are thrown out there by planned scammers, which are clearly absurd. In turn, these reinforce the belief that anyone saying something against the system is one of those silly theorists. In other words, they make it so that any person, no matter if reasoning in a right way or not, is associated to those clearly fabricated and senseless ''conspiracy theories''.

  12. -he says something about wire tap-(i was half asleep so idrk)
    phone shuts off youtube and starts glitching
    freaks tf out and scares the dog

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