10 Craziest Video Game Conspiracy Theories

Counting down some of the most insane video game conspiracy theories ever!

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10 Craziest Video Game Conspiracy Theories

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  1. The bugs in the jar theory have been figured out. Someone tweeted the guy who put them into the game and he said that he put them in and put forward a quest for it. But the bigger heads at the company said it didn’t really fit into the game, and they left them in instead of taking them out

  2. Do you now the time that you said that a vlokno in japan was as bad as world war w because pakstan distrode them my dad lives in
    Pakstan so that s how i now

  3. kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa

  4. I Love pokemon, I have played ever game except red and blue or the two most recent one the Ultras I know a lot of creepy pastas involving nurse joy and the cursed game cartridge listening to the original lavender town song its not that scary but for a child to listen to it I feel it would be scary. has anyone ever listened to it as well? Tell me your thoughts

  5. Did You Know?: The co-creator of Counter-Strike, was accused of sexual abuse to a child.

    Did You Know?: The creator of Super Mario Bros. wanted the first enemy the player sees, a Koopa Troopa. However, the enemy was thought to be too difficult for a new player as a whole. So Shigeru Miyamoto coded in a new enemy, the Goomba, days before the release of the first Super Mario Bros. game.

    Did You Know?: The Legend of Zelda's story line doesn't make sense.

  6. That Japanese guy was probably crying because he realised he spent nearly 3/4 of a million on a shitty game that probably didn't work.

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