10 Crazy Conspiracies That Turned Out to be True

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Conspiracy theories will always fire up the imaginations of even the most reasonable of us. It’s fascinating to imagine a bunch of people in a dark room, controlling actions from their chairs and encouraging events that change the course of the world, with no one truly being the wiser. Now, most conspiracy theories are flimsy nonsense that are obviously full of holes and not true at all. However, some conspiracy theories have more truth than most people would ever imagine. In some situations, there really was a group of people in a dark room conspiring to massively pull the wool over the eyes of others, in order to change the course of the world.

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10. The US Government Once Planned A False Flag Operation Against Their Own People
9. President Woodrow Wilson’s Wife Ran The Presidency For Over A Year
8. HAARP Is Not A Weather Control Device, But Massive Weather Control Has Been Attempted
7. The United States Government Has Experimentally Poisoned US Cities Multiple Times
6. There Is Some Small Truth To The Beliefs People Have In Government Spraying Chemtrails
5. The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln Was Not Just One Crazy Actor Acting Alone
4. During Vietnam The US Government Fabricated An Attack To Gain Support For War
3. The US Government Deliberately Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition To Discourage Use
2. Joseph McCarthy’s Methods Were Wrong, But He Was More Right Than People Realize
1. The MLB May Have Changed The Baseballs For The 2017 World Series

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  1. Simon: Excellent scripts, nice visuals but please, please, please find another presenter = Lloyd Grossman would be more palatable IMHO

  2. You know, you really need to stop ragging on the USA. You have plenty of problems in GB and need to report on your own problems before blackening the name of our country!

  3. Fluoride is toxic , a by product of making atomic weapons . Also mercury amalgam tooth fillings are very harmful but most Dentists in US continue to deny that fact. Only plutonium is more toxic than mercury .

  4. What do you think would have been the correct way for McCarthy to go about his task? Apparently he was 90-95% correct with his accusations

  5. Then everybody stands around scratching their heads asking "why are there such high cancer rates in the United States??".

  6. Not all that crazy if they turned out to be true. Not buying your stand on number 2. McCarthy was just wrong.

  7. Did you say the "Johnson Administration?" faked the Maddox incident in order to get involved in a war with Vietnam? Wasn't that war already chewing up people when Johnson's predecessor, John Kennedy, was President?

  8. Simon Whistler is working for the government to spread misinformation. He is validating a couple of true conspiracies but the rest are completely false. Why do you ask? The simple answer is that doing so removes attention from the actual conspiracies the government wants to keep under wraps. I can swear to a statement in court testifying that I have made all of it up. Please recognize this as a bit of satire and give it no credit beyond the tongue-in-cheek nature it was written in. I am finishing this in this manner of my own free will and am not being coerced by scary government agents in dark sunglasses.

  9. USA had plans in the 20s and 30s to launch false flags to implicate canada as the aggressor and start a war. If they can do that then absolutely anything is on the table.

  10. the baseball one wasnt just the world series. i was hearing all year that the balls had been changed because the record for total homeruns hit leaguewide smashed even the steroid era records.

  11. I don't understand why everybody says 9-11 was a complicated operation. 19 hijackers had to buy plane tickets for 3 flights. What else was there?

  12. @TopTenz
    The Gulf of Tonkin incident of 2 August 1964 WAS REAL.
    Vietnamese boats fired REAL torpedos at the USS Maddox.
    REAL fighting happened.
    Seriously, PEOPLE DIED!
    In 1995, General Võ Nguyên Giáp admitted the attack to a room full of reporters.
    It is now undisputed by both sides.
    Get it right! You've conflated the false alarm of 4 August with the real attack on the Maddox two days before.

  13. I've been really enjoying Whistler's stuff, but it's habitual for me to try to gauge where a content creator's bias lies and with him its really difficult, which makes me suspicious without any real cause.

  14. conspiracy: MLKjr was assassinated by a hit man hired by the memphis Familia, because he was jacking with the mob's control over blacks being held to a ridiculously low wage, and no benifits. not a race-related issue. oops. go drive your garbage truck and shut up.

  15. oh: btw, my father had medals from the american campaign in eastern japan in the summer of 1940 and 1941. pearl harbor was not a surprise to FDR, and it was not a sneak attack: it was retaliation for aggression by the US.

  16. The Theory ofJet Chem Trails can be used for many motives. While still in the Research phase these jets are flown over populated cities while civilians are unaware that they are being conducted as Guineapigs. Allegedly, from seeding the clouds to rain in moderation to avoid droughts, to making its people healthy or sick with Geno-chemicals, or to study the cause and effects of a potentially lethal weapon of war, like Genocide.

  17. Your top 10s are way more interesting than watch mojo and your voice isn't slightly irritating and condescending like their female narrator.

  18. You need to do some personal research on the chemtrail thing. They HAVE been studied and tested by many private labs. The planes dump large amounts of toxic heavy metals into the atmosphere. Look into the massive amounts of foliage, trees, plants and such that have died from this. I personally have collected large amounts of white "fibers" that float down after these trails. So have others. Just do so more in depth searching on this.

  19. Plus, there was the dreaded "energy crisis" in the 70s, where we were told we were going to go dark without gas, oil and electricity in just a few months. We couldnt even have christmas lights, except on one tree in the house. Gas lines, price gouging on foods, it was awful. It was all a LIE. We still have gas and oil today. Hmmmm.

  20. 911 was not caused my thoss planes . The building were imploded. You can tell by the way they fell . Jet fuel could not have melted the steel

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