10 Shocking Movie Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True

With Disney Cars 3 out in theatres, what movie theory from the animated movie actually came true?? 10 Shocking Movie Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True! Subscribe to our channel :

Pop culture fans love to come up with theories regarding their favourite movies. Whether it be theories about movies they’ve already seen, or theories about what might happen in an existing franchise going forward, there’s no stopping the mind of a fan from working overtime. 99% of the time, those theories come to nothing more than that. However, every now and then – much to the delight and excitement of the fans who conceived the theories – they turn out to be more than just theories; they turn out to be true. In this video, we’ll take a look at just a few examples of when that happened. Here are ten shocking movie theories that actually turned out to be true!

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  1. Tarzan is not Anna and Elsa’s brother . Tarzan was already born when they had the ship wreck and their is a painting of him with his parents . Plus Tarzan is English Frozen takes part in Scandinavia.

  2. In the last one its an parallel universe actually bcus in one mater shorts mater went back in time and met Stanley who was a Ford Model Ta.k.a. the peoples car and that makes their universe overwritten to a parallel universe that is about Earth 99

  3. The Tarzan/Frozen theory doesn't make sense. The parents look different, their clothes are from a different era, and it never actually looks like their boat catches flames. That's one theory I refuse to believe.

  4. Well McQueen couldn't have been a murder cause, maybe the extinction of humans happened a long time ago, so his generation probably weren't taking place in the murder

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