10 Theories About 90s Cartoons That Will Make You Rethink Your Childhood

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Before the age of YouTube and Netflix, children got their entertainment fix through television cartoons. Nothing was better than spending a few hours enjoying the adventures of the Rugrats or seeing what crazy situations Doug Funnie would get himself into. While everything seemed innocent, fans have come up with some crazy theories involving your favorite shows and characters.

Chuckie’s mom was pretty much ignored for many seasons on The Rugrats until a Mother’s Day special aired, but what if Chuckie’s real mom was actually DiDi?! Doug Funnie would often daydream about various characters and situations he was in, pulling himself from the real world and showcasing signs of schizophrenic hallucinations. The residents of SpongeBob Squarepants live in Bikini Bottom and the area may actually be part of a nuclear testing site, helping to explain their conditions. The Recess gang was fun to watch on Saturday mornings, but what if you found out that all of the Recess kids were actually dead?! The biggest theory to go around the internet about the Rugrats is the fact that all the babies have actually passed away and Angelica envisions them all in her head. Is the Pokemon universe real or is it just something Ash is making up in his head due to a coma!? The Simpsons Chief Wiggum and his wife look awfully similar, making you wonder if they are actually brother and sister in real life. Everyone assumes that Arnold is the main character of Hey, Arnold, but when you break down episodes and characters, one theory points out Helga is actually the main character. People have many theories about Steve from Blue’s Clues, but there is one which makes more sense than anything we’ve seen. Inspector Gadget is constantly going up against Dr. Claw, but the Doctor may have only become evil since he was once an Inspector Gadget himself. Watch to see all these conspiracy theories come to life!

Chuckie’s Real Mom | 0:35
Doug Funnie’s Schizophrenic Hallucinations | 1:15
Spongebob’s Nuclear Radiation | 2:05
The Recess Playground Theory | 2:45
The Rugrats Don’t Exist | 3:30
Ash’s Coma | 4:10
The Wiggums Are Brother And Sister | 4:50
Helga Is The True Star | 5:30
Steve Gets A Clue | 6:10
Two Inspector Gadgets | 6:50

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  1. I've also noticed a bit of a weird coincidence with the sponge Bob atom bombs theory…brigadier general Paul Tibbets dropped the Hiroshima bomb.& Paul Tibbit made the spongeBob series….go figure.

  2. another theory is that scooby doo is actualy taking place during a depretion the powerpuff girls and samuri jack are in the same universe and that sponge bob was adopted

  3. 1:54 or maladaptive daydreaming. I'm not old enough to have seen that show but if the character knows he's just daydreaming then that's maladaptive daydreaming. that would be further supported by recurring characters/worlds, missed moments, self inserts and long periods of time devoted just to daydreaming

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