10 Theories That Make ‘The Boss Baby’ Darker Than You Think!

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On the surface, Boss Baby looks like any other cute animated film. Dive a little deeper into the animation and plot and you will discover some details and theories that you may have missed the first time around. While these theories can fly right over a child’s head, more intelligent viewers can pick them up and see the humor in the story.

Watch and see ten theories about the film that are actually funny. One theory that has developed is the film’s connection to the Illuminati and especially with the character of Tim. The creation of the Boss Baby is revealed in the opening scene of the film, but do all of the boss baby workers actually have a choice in the career that they chose? The film’s two main villains are Francis and Eugene. While they are portrayed as brothers on-screen, there is more to this story than meets the eye as Eugene may actually be Francis’s father. Boss Baby features a lot of pop-culture references but none may be more obvious than The Lord of The Rings. The two main characters may actually be based off Frodo and the Gollum. It’s unclear when the Boss Baby actually takes pace, but it may be a situation where the Boss Baby is actually a time traveler. The film was made as a part of Dreamworks animation. This means that it could have a potential cross-over with Mr. Peabody and Sherman. One of the biggest theories featured in the film includes presidential connections, anxiety disorders, and the huge twist ending.

Script by: Alan DonahueVoice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Bill Lugsden


The Boss Baby is Part of the Illuminati | 0:34
Boss Babies Are Forced Into Labor | 1:38
Eugene is Francis’s Father | 2:45
The Frodo & The Gollum | 3:52
The Boss Baby is a Time Traveler | 5:01
A Cross-Over With Mr. Peabody & Sherman | 6:02
Presidential Connections | 7:08
Tim Has An Anxiety Disorder | 8:15
Hillary Clinton Will Play the Second Boss Baby | 9:17
The Boss Baby Isn’t Real | 10:20

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  1. Come on … it's so wack that you link all triangles to illuminati…. hey Screen Rant people this are geometric patterns! Stop destroying our love for certain animation.

  2. I don't mean to offend the person who was reading the script, but why do you say boss baby in such a weird way?

  3. I don't know why, but when I was reading the title, I kept reading it as "the gross baby" instead, and I was so confused😂😂

  4. Me:let's see the comments Comments:STOP SAYING BAUSE BABY!!!!!😡😠🙄

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