143 Million Climate Refugees by 2050

A World Bank report: Groundswell, warns of the worsening impact of climate change in three regions of the world. It could lead to a tremendous humanitarian crisis says Kanta Kumari Rigaud, the lead author of the study

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  1. Lol … scaremongering based on a flawed "study" …… how many "climate refugees" are there today?? the answer is Zero …. and do you ever notice that the bad stuff they predict is always going to happen decades away – but you need to give them money now … well guess what? I am old enough to remember what they said in the 80s and 90s and nothing they predicted has come true.

  2. it doesn't matter if action is taken or not, the climate WILL ALWAYS CHANGE. Control freaks don't like that idea unfortunately, because they do not want to adapt and appreciate freedom. Pick a fight you can win with out depending on people being ignorant to win. Fight for cleaning up the environment, not pushing doom and gloom/hell fire.

  3. Unless I missed it, in discussing possible solutions, there was no mention of reducing population growth. Exponential growth in population in countries like Ethiopia is unsustainable. Other countries will not allow mass migration and the young and ever growing population will simply devour the resources until they are impossible to regenerate. A BBC documentary that I listened to one time that looked at the various methods that have been attempted to slow down population growth found that the best and only solution seems to be giving women more equality in society. Heavily religious cultures that oppress women and do not allow easy access to contraception are part of the problem .

  4. It's gonna be okay…with all the Soros funding, you can give all 143 Million climate refugees jobs at TRNN! Yay free money, yay socialism!

  5. The only gratifying aspect of this is that some of those climate migrants will be New Yorkers fleeing a city that has gone underwater. (Also, see Miami). Heh, heh, heh………

  6. I think the Third Reich would have been smart enough to try to do something about climate change.
    The Forth Reich ( the American Empire) is too worried about profits, fighting in needless wars and keeping the people divided to do anything.

  7. It would be nice for a link to the study as was promised but there is no link…. I guess I’m just going to have to duck duck go it.

  8. They have been wrong about these predictions since they started making them. The world is more complex than there models demonstrate, in part because they fail to look for extra-planetary forces at work….aka the sun. I do think we need to find clean and powerful energy for all of our activities. And stop with this planned breaking of products…like the 500,000 mile tire tread that Goodyear bought and hid…..the corporations and governments are giving us a bad deal and we take it with gratitude….

  9. We'll send them all to red counties in the USA.  'Cause, you know, those are the folks who block doing anything about climate change… denied it, in fact.

  10. I have difficulty in understanding the Socialist mindset fascism is the ultimate fear yet they seem to be calling their fears into reality through Mass migration,

    After all what is most important to the Amazonian tribes man is also the most important thing to the ethnic German French Hungarian or Pole ,

    their sense of identity ,
    their culture ethnicity language and religion,

    there exists no group of people on Earth large or small which would accept their own demographic replacement ,

    as soon as some natural Calamity takes place an economic downturn a famine plague these migrate will be the cause of a new fascist regime and genocide will take place,

    as it always has throughout history this is the nature of humanity ,

    and it is better to use the path of least resistance instead of swimming against the Stream.

  11. All climate chaos the result of geoengineering. The mainstream has said so little about this, disregards it. They have been cooking the ionosphere, spraying the skies with barium, aluminum, strontium. What do you expect? Google GEOENGINEERING if you don't know by now.

  12. First, the earth is not warming. Sorry to expose your sources as ignorant or money-influenced. Climate is cyclical. Why don't you present evidence that shows that CO2 is not causing any bad effect? How cold was it where you were last autumn, winter and spring? Pollution needs to be eliminated. That is important. Records demonstrate conclusively that the planet is NOT increasing in temperature–BTW, the US weather service keeps two sets of records: one is accurate and one is "politically correct" showing "global warming."
    I am a subscriber and a monthly donor. I'm not a "conspiracy nut." I am willing, as many are not, to explore the data relating to climate studies.

  13. Yes, bit difficult to avoid a civilised society.Natives of the world don't stand a chance.Gone from our memory!America,Spain,South America,latin America,Africa etc.The way of industrial development has no choice but to move over that cliff

  14. BWAHAHAHAH,… ROFLMAO… OMG! No shortage of mental defecates in the world. Man Made Global Warming, Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever you want to call it has been proven false 50 years ago and again every year since you've been crying about it. People aren't being displaced. Over population is forcing people to live in places that no one in their right mind would have lived in fifty years ago. All of you numbnuts need to get a clue and find a better way to waste your time.

  15. Mankind is go extinct, this did already started years ago, 143 Million Climate Refugees by 2050 is just a very small Prpoblem to mention realated to climate change.

  16. SAD to say….Look mostly NON-white people will die. Climate hot spots will become population control weapons. In the final analysis, it is, the White Race ruling this world, where too many brown and black people, aid will take it's time. Natural disasters will not go to waste. They will be part of the population control. Most will be jailed in prisons for profits like USA. Non-whites kill them or lock them up make some money, says white America. History of the White Race. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria,Yemen great examples, non-white deaths. Remember Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, 5 million dead non-whites. Latin America thousands dead thanks USA.

  17. ‘Father of Global Warming’ Scientist Finally Admits Theory Is Wrong – The scientist widely known as the “Father of Global Warming” has admitted for the first time that data used to promote his climate change theory was false and fradulently manipulated by Al Gore to suit an agenda. – According to Hansen, Al Gore took the data provided in a “worst-case scenario” and intentionally twisted it, rebranding it as “Global Warming,” making tens of millions of dollars in the process.

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