19 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

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Written by lena

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  1. You forgot to mention that the Germans gave Lenin $8 million marks for use in bribing Russian officials when he was sent back, and that Stalin was the only other one who knew where he kept it and used the money for his own rise to power…Thanks for Communism, Germans!

  2. #1 and now they kneel during the National Anthem.
    MK Ultra backfired on them with the San Francisco "Be Ins". Ken Kesey had those Acid parties and people dug it. Grateful Dead and other San Francisco bands for background music and free acid. Fun! Then they made it illegal.
    The U.S. sprayed pot fields in Mexico with Paraquot to poison the the buds that were destined for the U.S. Similar to poisoning alcohol. Our government can be so evil.
    JW Booth was in league with many powerful people who wanted Lincoln dead. The Vatican for one. Lincoln had made statements about the war happening because of the Jesuits. John Surrat went to the Vatican from Canada and became a Papal Zoave. No coincidence there. Those Sons of Bitches killed the South's best hope for reconstruction after the war. Without Lincoln the Black Republicans had a free reign to punish the old Confederacy and set race relations on a track destined for so much needless misery.

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