1st Amendment Cases: ACLU Supreme Court Briefing

Learn about the 2008-09 Supreme Court term. The ACLU explains the relevance and impact of upcoming cases.

Video Playlist:

1. Justice Overview: Everything you need to know about where the justices stand.

2. Pipeline Cases: ACLU cases that could come before the Court this term.

3. Troubling Cases Ahead: What to look out for as the term unfolds.

4. First Amendment Cases: Our basic free speech rights re-examined by the Court.

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  1. Very interesting. I think I heard Bill O'Reilly's version of the ten commandments ordeal, basically saying the ACLU was anti-Christian (I don't remember exactly). I wish I knew where to find historical landmark cases regarding the ACLU–I like getting a feel for what the ACLU does and has done.

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Justice Overview: ACLU Supreme Court Briefing