2 Weeks Before Taking Office, Doug Jones Gets Bad News After What Was Found During Recount


Although liberals are currently distracted and upset over the recent tax bill vote, it seems that they may want to refocus their attention back on their recent “win” in Alabama. Come to find out, just two weeks before Doug Jones is set to take office, he got his worst news yet after what officials found during the recount.

2 Weeks Before Taking Office, Doug Jones Gets Bad News After What Was Found During Recount

A viral video in Alabama has led to a voter fraud investigation of the Senate race

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  1. When you capture these people who broke voter laws they must do a mandatory 35 years in prison and when the day they get out their ship back to Africa all homes property and assets seized immediately compensate the American people

  2. there isn’t a prison big enough to house all of the corrupt Democrats so best thing to do is just assassinate all of them and be done with it

  3. Crybabies. Wah, Wah. Even Republican polls show less than 48% support for the rump in the most Republican state. You couldn't come up with even one candidate who wasn't an accused child molester? That's on you and no one else. Question: what is more rare than teeth in a chicken's mouth? Answer: any Republican who accepts responsibility.

  4. Hmmmmmm maybe running a child molester was a bad idea????? You fools are shocked that a child molester lost??? You think that little of your fellow repukes that they wouldn't stomach a child molester?? Doesn't suprise me he lost but it does suprise me that it was as close as it was.

  5. Waaa haaa haaaa haaaa!!!!! right-wing desperation!! LOL!!!! They're clinging to ONE GUY that says that he committed voter fraud in hopes of overturning the election !!! LOL!!!!!

  6. I hope it all backfires in the dems faces. The written article in the link above asks how come we haven't heard any more about Moore's supposed "crimes" now that the Dem won?? I hope people remember this election the next time the Dems pull this same trick… has $HilLIARy's skanky fingerprints all over it. Remember when she brought down 6 Bernie Facebook groups with pornography right before the last Big 5-state Primary in April 2016? First article says "supposed" attack= I belonged to one of the groups and there was no "supposed" about it.

  7. why am I not hearing this on fox or msnbc, cnn abc, because its BULLSHIT FUCKING TROLLS, SUCK MY DICK YOU FUCKING BITCHES

  8. You can't just say Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort. They without saying what the connection is asshole. They have Mike on giving a a false statement to the FBI that had nothing to do with Russia. According to James Comey under oath Hilliary gave five false statements to the FBI. Where is her indictment? So yeah I think the democrat party is investigating Trump.

  9. There was NO recount, so I think this video is BULLSHIT. There is no investigation. The Alabama Secretary of State came out and said there was NO voter fraud, no investigation, and no recount.

    Moore lost by 20,000 votes, which is 1.5% of the vote, he would have had to lose by .5% in order for there to be a recount.

    The election is going to be certified today and Moore will be declared the loser, Jones the winner, and I'm betting the lying, hypocritical child molester will still not conced.

  10. Democrats always cheating to win! Democrats are Commie! People must wake up to protect our country! No way in hell Democrats they are going to win if they are not cheat! Wake Up People! In California they want open boarder to get all illegals in so drug cartel bring drugs in to kill our kids! All Muslim come to terrorist our country! The cheating is a looser! Doug Jones stop cheating!

  11. doug jones is nothing but a rino republican dirttbag and we know he is the paul ryan type who will switch parties and we don't want this effing loser !!!

  12. i guarantee you doug jones switches partys just like tons of alabama dems already have but we do not WANT MORE RINOS!! paul ryan and the deep state has effed us they supported obamacare til trump finally wrecked it once and for all with executive orders

  13. get over it Moore lost I can't stand dump the fuckhead but he won I accept it as sorry as the punk is why can't you

  14. You don’t realize how dysfunctional the left really is, until someone actually points it out. The author of this video is so correct, we’ve heard nothing else about Virginia, and it does appear fact, that the liberal left will and are trying anything to destroy conservatism and our President, it’s one thing right after another, now it’s his straight forward response to immigration and why the U.S. would want to except people from shit hole countries, he’s only stating the truth and what most are thinking but too afraid to admit, I suppose it was ok when there boy, Oduesch used the same language, nothing was said and none criticized him either, in fact they supported him for it and on more than one occasion, talk about hypocrites….Smfh!

  15. USA could've should've taken Alabama small State election to Make sure Elections are not being manipulated by those running the States!

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