5.2.18 – Comey, Trade, HRC, Trump, Veritas, Nxivm+Obama?


Members of the Hollywood sex cult NXIVM hosted seminars and lavish sex
parties on Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island in a bid to
recruit the billionaire, according to a whistleblower.
Now we have possible connections between Obama and the Nxivm group,
which also may tie into bill Clinton and Epstein through Branson.
Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had Branson and Bill Clinton listed
among his contacts in his “little black book,” and his private island
known as “Orgy Island” is less than 40 miles away from Necker Island
within the Virgin Islands cluster.

Project Veritas: NJ Teachers Union President Covers Up Child Abuse in
Will ‘bend the truth’ to protect abusive teachers
Was then confronted by James O Keefe himself

NasDaq May become a Crypto Exchange.

A Puerto Rican Air National Guard military aircraft with nine people on
board crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from a Georgia
airport Wednesday, and officials said there appeared to be no survivors.

“I do not know why the Justice Department is not investigating Hillary
Clinton. James Comey rigged the whole case.”—Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Apparently those UV blocking plastic window screen things can be used to entirely block 5g signals.

2013: total market cap for crypto 1.6 B
Current: 426.0B
bitcoin was 135 in april of 2013…

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I was shad owbann ed 2x. Since the q an on reference to insert good, my yt app is functioning properly.

  2. The trouble with american people you have been brain washed into thinking socialism and communism are the same thing , they are not Australia is socialist in it's approach to health and education , you have a sick society when you can't get life saving help in a hospital, that is a disgusting state of affairs if you can't take a dying child into a hospital for lack of money , that is shameful beyond belief , and to have companies that their make their money on people being sick or not , that is not capitalism that is feudalism ,they have lied to you from cradle to the grave you are not the exceptional people , that's what Hitler told his people .

  3. Lisa mei is awesome.
    DUSTIN NEMOS, please get on reddit, great aw ake ning. Plethora of information, especially on things you can’t interpret or don’t know the answers to. Lots of an ons on there. I put Lisa mei’s post on Reddit, over 250 upvotes with numerous posts and links…go there.

  4. The MSM is still reporting on Stormy Daniels crap…let them, who cares, it’s further hiding the great awakening. The silent majority know

  5. Share, like, & support is more than just a catchy phrase… Let's start promoting more figure heads like this for the movement.

  6. I was unclear, did you say you watched the body cam video from Las Vegas or not? I thought you'd mention that the law enforcement guy said no windows are broken out pretty loudly.

  7. I believe one of the legal people said that if you write messages while at work, on work paper, or electronics it belongs to the government. You'd think they'd know. So yes it may well be that they destroyed government documents.

  8. It has been proven that boys do not act like little boys once you throw girls into the mix… you are correct that little girls… or girls for that matter should be in the not be in the Boy Scouts because now the girls will be focused on the boys and ammend their behavior and vice versa for the boys…. awful direction to travel…. smh

  9. what is with the crypto push? love a lot of your work, but struggle with the crypto commercial. if ppl are looking for financial advice which you are so quick to say you are not offering. There is an abundance of channels for that. I'm just trying to figure out your angle. Clearly your have some. As a small business owner via financial adviser it confuses me. Why no mention of metals? or other assets. Just bitcoin. It's curious. "Not financial advice"

  10. I disagree about the argument of Capitalism being flawed & creating the laziness – I argue just the opposite – it comes from the years of Common Core, liberal, socialist values being taught in our schools – it's a school of thought where everyone is deserving of everything handed to them – Capitalism is based on those who create the things of most value get ahead therefore the lazy ones lag behind. Plus seeing others develop talent, skills are motivating factors not relating to developing complacency.

  11. nemo isreal they are your master controllers?/ ground zero of the nwo the deepstate zionizm that runes everything & everyone?,how does a rhode island size nation accrue more power than the EU whose member governors along with the UN want them all dead feets up & steaming? 8,000,000 people the size in NYC in the lt 50s,we help arm them,in exchange israelis buy 13,000,000,000 bucks worth of US stuff a year, they were attacked ever since the brits thought they could run palestine any better than syria egypt or jordan,after the 73 war launched by sadat,syria,morocco libya tunisia, algeria cuba,iraq, were it my call I;d have goven them every syllable of nuke tech materials & cd roms we had available then,attacked in 48,56,67,73,arab nations egypt and jordan decided to cut a deal with them,peace resulted among them which lasted 30 years.Israel has nukes so fucking what,get the paks to disarm the iranians ro cease & desist,bush gave india nuke tech,disarmament & peace?

  12. Hey Dustin, the plane crash stat Q mentioned was 7/10. He said 7 out of 10 plane crashes are not accidents. Here's one particular post:
    Post 259
    Dec 5 2017 00:09:40 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: cc0116 34917
    RED RED 9/11.
    Funds raised vs distributed?
    7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.
    Those in the know never sleep.

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