5 Craziest One Direction Fan Theories

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One Direction’s upcoming 5th album Made In The A.M. is about to drop and in anticipation of everything that’s about to come our way before their much dreaded hiatus, we’re bringing you 5 of the craziest One Direction Fan theories right now on Listed!

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  1. SORRY LARRY IS FUCKING FAKE…can't boys also have friends??? ? really because of this they didn't have any cute moments as FRIENDS, GROW THE FUCK UP, They denied it, and said they are annoyed, but "fans" still say its "real" i have friends and it would annoy me if people shipped me with them too. Would you "fans" grow, real fans don't hate on the members girlfriend's because of larry, you should respect and love them so please stop with the lies.

  2. Made in the A.M. was named like that because many of their songs in that album were recorded in the early morning !

  3. To all antis and larrys, Everyone has there own opinion so its fine, you don't have to argue about it. You can say larry is real, you can say its not. Nothing is confirmed, and if you're a real fan, it shouldn't matter to you??

  4. It's not a crazy fan 'theory' If there is proof. I ship and believe, choose what you want. Anti's can be anti's but when you see a comment chain of Larry shippers sharing proof don't be like 'That's bullshit' and Larry shippers shouldn't be going around hating anti's because they don't Believe

  5. like i have a one direction record player in my backroom and my made in the am vinyl but i am waiting to listen to it until my bandmate comes over to my house. not even joking i have a band and like twenty songs. but larry isn't fricking real please stop pressuring them. my god.

  6. Harry:"- Louis, could you give me a BLOWJOB?.
    Louis"- I would love to, if you just wait"


  7. Made in the am is the name of the album because most songs were written after midnight

    And four is named four because it is their 4th album

  8. I do love love all the 1D boys, particularly Louis and Harry.
    In that regard I have this to say: "coincidence" is a good word that people use when they cannot explain away what is right in front of their face. Far too many "coincidences" with Louis and Harry. So call it "rumors", "coincidence", "Illuminati", "wishful thinking", "daydreams", anything you want that gets you thru people.
    And, excuse me. Does anyone really honestly, genuinely, seriously believe that "Larry Shippers" and gay "rumors" are why Louis and Harry stopped interacting the way they always had??? These two self assured, successful millions of times over, members of the one of the biggest boys bands in history, are going to let "rumors" dictate how they interact with someone that they love and care about? Just walk away? To do that with anyone be it family, friends, boy/girl friends, fans? Honestly? Would anyone walk away from, interact differently with anyone they love and care about because of what people you do not even know say about you and that person? Think people. Think it through.
    Are people seriously believing that? There will be far worse things than Larry to worry about in their careers. Hopefully they have many, many more long successful years ahead of them, gay "rumors" and Larry will not go away. Many celebs have fought those rumors their whole careers, so, no, it's not going anywhere.
    If Louis and Harry's relationship changed in a negative way it was something personal between them, not a bunch of Larry rumors from a bunch of people they do not even know. Would either of them begin to act differently with their parents, brother, sisters, anyone, and distance themselves form those people because of "rumors"? I think not
    Love these boys!!

  9. Guys these "rumours" of larry have been around since i think 2010 and well if a rumour doesnt go way then its not a rumour

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