5 Mind Blowing Mysteries, Myths & Conspiracies Surrounding the RMS Titanic Sinking

From the handful of premonitions that the Titanic was going to sink, to the theory that the Titanic was, in fact, the Olympic… Here are five unanswered questions, conspiracies and myths about the RMS Titanic.

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  1. Come on…the Titanic was sunk intentionally because the only politicians that held opposition to a federal reserve bank were on it.

  2. the reason its still unknown If the ships were swiched is because that the olmpic didn't actuly sink so theres no wreck to mesure soooooooooooooooooo yes no idea if they were swaped

  3. By the way, this video, especially the first conspiracy, is utter bullshit. Olympic never sank, there is absolutely no question that it is the Titanic that sits on the seafloor. I can provide boatloads of evidence (sorry). Additionally, no officer of the Titanic was ever reported shot, nor were any other persons on board. I do not deny that Murdoch was certainly a hero, but he did not shoot himself out of guilt. This may have come about from the fact that five gunshots were heard from the port side of Titanic as Fifth Officer Lowe warned people attempting to jump onto his boat from the A Deck promenade to get away from his boat and back to the ship. Now, he DID perform the wrong manoeuvre to avoid the iceberg, but not in the way most people think. He ordered her both to "all stop" the engines, and to spin "Hard-a-Starboard." Either manoeuvre performed alone would have saved Titanic. Oh, and the helmsman made no mistake, Titanic was given reverse tiller commands, so starboard=port and port=starboard. There was never any coffin under the cargo manifest, nor is there one among the debris of the wreck.

  4. Very well done. I have studied Titanic and other maritime disasters for years and am very familiar with all of the theories. There is one bit you didn't mention from these theories: the potential existence of the illegal workings of Magellan (I believe that's the name) that night. Is this because, like me, you have done your research and find that this is really the only aspect of these theories which can not be proven anymore than it can be disproven so bringing it up is pointless? To me, that makes perfect sense.
    Also, in regards to Murdock, I chatted with a professor some time ago who shared my interest in this part of history. He was actively doing research into the contracts and life insurance of White Star Line officers. He acknowledged that suicide is acceptable at sea so long as it was done "nobly" – meaning Smith committed suicide as much as Murdock supposedly did but Smith was considered to be the noble brave fashion and Murdock the shameful and cowardly fashion. This professor believed there may be something in the insurance policy and contract distinguishing these differences and only the noble suicide would pay out to beneficiaries. He believed Lightoller and others would have known this and if Murdock did commit this act, they empathized and did not consider him a coward and needed to make sure Murdoks family was cared for and Murdock was not wrongfully shamed and judged by a public on a witch hunt. I do not know how far he has gotten in his research but I always found his theory curious.

  5. with number 1 with the premonitions of a disaster , btw im a christian so i think this is possible, is that god knew a disaster would happen or some force knew of it anyways and gave out warnings to save as many people as possible. that or it was a coincidence which i doubt something had to know something was off and delivered a warning or its something we have the ability to know something bad will happen kind of like a voice in the back of our head who can see bits and pieces of the future

  6. I would like to know how many of the premonitions were proven to be before the event. So many times, people claim to have premonitions just for the attention.

  7. The titanic is fine. If I don't eat enough fiber, I'll drop a Titanic, and I even have to break it in half to go down!

  8. In some cultures people believed premonition is an early warning caused due intentional attempt to cause harm, murder, crimes and accidents by perpetrators etc…

  9. #1 is actually a well known phenomena about how people have a 6th sense when it comes to tragedies. Passenger records were taken of things like planes, boats, and trains showing an unusually large number of people who cancelled/did not show up to board whatever tragically went down

  10. I love your top 5 highlights of Different topics,you are so well spoken and informative that you make every top 5 edition very interesting and unique….no other site does this quite as well as you….I thank you and appreciate the effort you put in to researching all your different topics, I'm a huge fan of your top 5 scarey ghost, paranormal and hauntings that you upload…I have subscribed to similar people who try to be as informative as yours,but they just don't have the same style and interest that you portrait…. thanks heaps ?, please keep going,I always get excited when I see a new video of yours!!!

  11. You may need to revise those insurance figures.
    Still the first ship to sink after striking an Iceberg.
    The wreckage looks like it was dropped on Hiroshima! WTF?

  12. oh bullshit. just another conspiracy theory. I dare you to say that to the friends and family of the lost ones… utter shit

  13. the lookout was fooled by a mirage -that is why they did not see the iceberg in time – there is a scientific documentary on it

  14. If Captain Smith was on the bridge for the Olympic collision, I'm surprised he was given another command. I was under the impression that captains involved in mishaps like that, especially when found at fault, aren't trusted with another chance. Maybe goes to show how mismanaged White Star was

  15. Top5's videos makes me want to study more?Expanding my knowledge??
    Here is a token of appreciation for you

  16. The ship down there, it is Titanic. End of. Every theory has been busted by facts. As for the Olympic lettering on it, that was made for a documentary and is nowhere to be found on the actual wreck. It was a computer generated image created that people are now using for "evidence"

  17. I'm not a believer in conspiracy theories. I don't believe the government is out to get us, I don't believe time travel is possible, and I don't believe in aliens… however, I do believe that the Titanic really was the Olympic. Out of the millions of conspiracy theories I've heard in my life time, that's the one that seems the most realistic, and I believe it's true

  18. I believe the sinking was still an accident though. I don't think they ever intended anyone to get hurt, they just patched up the Olympic ship, and it was just dumb luck that it hit the iceberg

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