5 Real Aliens Caught on Tape? The Best Alien Videos

Are these real aliens caught on tape? Or just elaborate hoaxes. This video contains the Top 5 Best Alien Footage on the internet, so judge for yourself. Everything from grey aliens, to UFOs, to strange sky sounds, to investigations of aliens caught on tape.

In this list you will see a supposedly real alien captured from a crashed UFO by the KGB. There is video footage of alien visitors in and around people’s homes. You’ll hear strange sounds from the sky that some believe could be caused by UFOs. And finally- a video that is said to be the best UFO caught on tape. This UFO sighting includes a peek at it’s alien occupants.

Jin Lon’s amazing alien footage analysis:

Grey Alien in Sauna 2016:

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  1. skinny bob LOOKS fake though. the movements are all laggy and not fluid like normal movement. look at any recent video by the band Gorillaz for example, similar movements and we all know Gorillaz is a band with fictional characters.

  2. I have heard a sky quake once myself it was really weird like some gaint was blowing on a horn in the sky

  3. I gotta say when I clicked in I thought it was gunna be more click bait but I was kinda impressed with it.

  4. How could "Skinny Bob" pull that turtleneck over that massive melon? I mean, look at that thing, it's like a planetoid. Come on now, the real story here is this amazing fabric. Muwaaaaa

  5. There is way more footage and research regarding Skinny Bob which leads me to believe it's real. Besides, we live in the age of global confussion and doubt, I bet if real life aliens would walk around through the cities in broad day light people would just call it fake, hologram, hallucination or some other shit.
    Thinking that God created only us is like a farmer sowing an entire field and only growing one crop…

  6. Guy: I'm hearing a piano. FOF crew: we hear nothing Me: Finally someone complains about the annoying background music in shows like this.

  7. I cant believe it! It must be more like 70 Years since the last Time the Grey Beards call for the Dragon Blood. He have to go the Way of the Voice. hitler was the last Dragon Blood that went to Hrothgar. The new Dragon Blood is Rainer Winkler.

  8. I worked at a gold course in southern New Jersey, basically right on the ocean and we heard those " sky quakes " probably 5 or 6 times around 2011 – 2013. Sometimes they sounded like a trumpet just like in Keiv. Other times they'd sound like a Harp, or an explosion. There was one time, me and three of my friends are working on a green and we hear of one of these sky quakes. Me and two of my friends stop what were doing look up to the sky, but our other friend keeps working. A second later he stops and asks us what were doing, and we told him, we were looking to see if something caused that loud booming sound and he says he didn't even hear it. Were all shocked he didn't hear it because it was so loud you could feel it in your chest…saw on the news they were reported in our area around that general time with this happened. I haven't heard them since like 2014 thought…the way my one friend didn't hear it made me think it was frequency related but who knows wtf they are.

  9. Always wondered why these "aliens" don't wear space suits… It's like when we go to an alien world, is the first thing we do to take off all our clothes and go walking around naked in front of alien species in a alien habitat? With all that space travel technology, you mean to tell me they just roll out with the bits out? Not even carrying any equipment on them to take readings or weapons for self defense? It's like… Is this REALLY who we want our first contact to be with? Naked little hippie aliens who seem to follow the yolo belief when coming to new worlds? Sure ET did it… But… What would Kirk do? What would Picard do??? It's like at least wear a condom before you dong copter in on some unknown astroturf if you know what I mean!

  10. I think "Skinny Bob" is also known as "J-Rod" & to me he looks the most realistic "Alien" I've seen yet……I am a believer BTW.

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