5 Reasons Not To Freak Out About The US Backing Out Of The Paris Accords | Answers With Joe

Trump’s announcement that he wants to pull out of the Paris Accord has rattled environmentalists and climate scientists, but there are some reasons to not worry too much about it.

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Turns out there are a lot of reasons to believe that this action is not the threat to climate progress that we think it is. Here’s 5 of them.

1: The US shift is market-driven.

There are two ways to enact change.

One is to legislate it and force people and companies to comply through laws, penalties and tax credits. The other is through a disruption in the market.

Legislated change comes slowly and incrementally over time as companies begrudgingly readjust their budget priorities to make their mandated milestones.

But adoption of new technologies follows an S-curve, where slow early adoption rates becomes exponential as the new technology proves itself, then flattening out once it dominates the market.

2: Wind and solar are cheaper than coal.

Nine of the top 10 wind energy states are traditionally red states, with Texas the reddest of them all, at the very top.

These aren’t tree-hugging lefties embracing wind energy because they want to save the polar bears, they’re doing it because it’s way cheaper and easier.

The market will embrace the solutions that are the most profitable, that’s why even amongst the fossil fuel industries, natural gas is becoming more popular than coal, because it’s much cheaper to produce.

In fact Gary Cohn, Trump’s own director of the National Economic Council – his top economic advisor – recently told reporters that coal, quote, doesn’t make sense anymore.

The US is, in fact, the second largest producer of wind energy in the world behind China, which leads me to number 3:

3: China and India taking leadership roles.

Not only do China and India have 36% of the world’s population, they are emerging economies where more and more people have access to electricity every day.

But luckily since they are still building their infrastructure, they have the ability to build it clean from scratch, instead of rebuilding it after decades of going in a different direction.

These efforts are likely to create whole economies around sustainable energy in those countries that will leak out and spread around the world.

4: Cities and states stepping up

Within hours of Trump making his announcement, the mayors of cities around the country and even some governors pledged that they would keep up their end of the Paris Accord.

This group has since called themselves the United States Climate Alliance and as of this recording includes nine states with eleven more voicing support for the Alliance, and more than 200 cities have signed on in support.

With 80% of the US population living in cities, that means the vast majority of the country’s population would still be abiding by the Paris agreement.

And now that you’re feeling all happy happy joy joy, let’s talk about the 5th reason this action doesn’t matter…

5: The Paris Accord was never strong enough to save us in the first place and we’re just as doomed as we’ve always been.

How you like that wet blanket?

Scientists say that in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to keep the temperature rise under 2 degrees by the end of the century.

But according to the UN Emissions Gap report released at the end of last year, even if all member countries follow the Paris Agreement perfectly, we’re still expected to see an increase of 2.9 to 3.4 degrees.

They said that it was an important step, but that’s all it was, just a step. It was never meant to be THE solution.

Trump’s goal is to renegotiate the US role in the Climate agreement, he felt that our current obligations are too high.

But since he made his announcement, both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new French President Emmanuel Macron have both stepped forward and said, no. There will be no renegotiation.

Merkel and Macron stepping up means that Europe is now taking a leadership role on the world stage, and they’ll be incentivized to trade with countries that are members of the agreement.

What do you think?

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  1. I reforestation will create carbon sinks, which should keep the temperature below 2 degrees. Please make videos on this topic (deforestation and science in that).

  2. And A Good Reason That HE Redid Our Infrastructure !! Instead of It Taking 17 to 24 Years We Can Do It In 2 Years Now Because We No longer Have The Regulations And Permits We Needed Before !!

  3. The US does NOT produce more CO2 than any other country. South America does, from the rotting vegetation of the rain forest. Get it right. or don't say it.

  4. How bout we focus on SURVIVING climate change rather than try to stop it. It's inevitable that the climate is going to get warmer and warmer.

  5. I may not agree with all your political stances but dammit that no just made my respect for you grow. Like given.

  6. Love your channel Joe but your reasoning is patently illogical on this one. Here are just five ways:

    1. You presume the predictions in the accord are accurate. Totally bogus. They're based on a gas believed to be a driving force of a global temperature effect which comprises approx. 400 parts per MILLION on a good day for statists, yeah, right…….of the hundreds, if not thousands of planetary temperature influences, the one never mentioned by the statist and is by far the most substantial element of global variation of temperature is water vapor…aka clouds. Why not? Human activity has no effect on it so the globalist statists, who by the way could give a rats ass about the climate but satiate over the possibility of controlling your every activity while confiscating your wealth under the guise of Co2 control….Too bad that common sense so far has prevented them from creaming their jeans.

    2. Government has never done ANYTHING for the advancement of humankind. Primarily they tax it and then……..(drum roll) they put their finger on the scales through regulation of a particular type of energy production to favor those of another….for cold hard cash. Yes, even Elon Musketell will be advantaged from it even though he insists he doesn't. The only reason the USA stands where it does now is that the levers of government were held in check by the newest and best form of government ever, the Constitution………Why do think Nicola Tesla came to the USA? For the weather? Pun intended.

    3. Companies are for it so therefore it must be good………I can't stop laughing…..obviously you have no idea how corporations act……They do one thing, and one thing only….make money any way they can…….whether it's at your expense is irrelevant. Which is the case in this instance. I could go on for hours on this one.

    4. We can't do jackshit without energy….therefore it stands to reason that any form of energy producing technology should and will stand on its' own merits….. So why will electricity not be the end all, be all? Short of placing huge mirrors in orbit, causing perpetual daylight for whatever inhabitants are nearby……or buying Elon's batteries by the size of a mountain. Solar/Wind Electricity cannot be created on demand. And…….you won't ever charge an electric vehicle in less than 10 minutes either. Since when does convenience matter? Uh huh.

    5. You complain about all the complicated steps it takes to produce highly taxed gasoline (remember were the roads come) which sells for less than bottled water…..So why do you give a damn? Mind your own friggin business… and quit being a little statist. BTW, it's becoming ever more apparent that oil is not a fossil fuel, rather it is produced near the bottom of the earths mantle by the heating and compression of gazillions of tons of liquid methane gas….aka an inexhaustible supply of energy without murdering one eagle…….wait for it……….you think methane came from dinosaur farts or some other animal/plant matter. I ask you then, where did all that methane come from on Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, etc.????

    You have to be a complete numb nut not to comprehend this…………or a wanna be globalist statist…….or……. just a plain sucker that believes the world is raping you and the planet.

  7. Yes the Paris accords would have been a great thing to stay in and NO Trump pulling us out won’t really have a big deal or effect cuz the governor association has actually pledged to pay cities and states to achieve the goals of the Paris accord.

  8. Lots of times when someone does something that seems stupid, it is because the viewer is unaware of additional information that if known would change that assesment. Only rarely is it true stupidity. I think pulling out of the Paris Accord is just such a situation. External concerns may be to frustrate efforts by globalist bullies to control Americans and threaten US sovereignty. Other concerns involved keeping the coal miners employed. I'd bet there are many other factors as well. Armchair sports coaches are often wrong and I'd expect the same of armchair politions. I personally am glad to see us out of the Paris Accord because I don't want the US to give up even a sliver of soveriegnty to the world government monster. That said, I like solar and have bought two electric cars and have evangelized two other people to do the same. I love the cheap operation and reliabilaty and I love that low speed torque. 🙂 Obama was forcing us to go green. And Trump is allowing us to go green. I've been doing it because I wanted to, not because some bully in a high government position tells me to. The Go-Green-Or-We'll-Kill-Your-Kids group can go to hell. I'd rather just go green to make life better for my kids. I don't need the gaia-nazis.

  9. Since the Paris accords are completely nonbinding and insuficient even if followed to the letter we might as well not do anything. At this point I'm in the "Save the planet, kill yourself" faction. Seriously. The human race wants to self destruct. I say lets abide by the majority vote and give the planet the next chance to spin an intelligent race. Maybe the next dominant race will be actually intelligent!

  10. Had to be sure I was subbed after that "no" and I certainly am. It's your channel and it'll likely grow regardless, so talk about whatever you feel like. you seem to be an upstanding, level-headed guy, so I actually value your opinion on such topics.

  11. Great 'NO.' I'd be interested to hear what you think of what Piers Corbyn has to say regarding CO2 and climate change. He's the brother of the Britain's Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn and has been curiously conspicuous by his absence from any public debates. Just a thought…

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