6 CREEPY Conspiracy Theories (RIP Childhood)


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OH HI THERE CUTIE PIES! Today I’m talking about some of the creepiest conspiracy theories I could uncover about some of your favorite cartoons and kids shows. I hadn’t personally heard ANY of these anywhere before so I really hope you were entertained and enjoyed this video! If you did don’t forget to give me a THUMBS UP and subscribe if you haven’t already. Until next time… ILYSM!

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Written by lena

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  1. This is a little late but season 10 episode 14 supports the sponge-bob squarepants theory 100% in the episode there is a green ball of light that makes all the animals go back to their original state every 100 years this affects all sea creature who are native Sandy ( the only one not from the ocean) is the only one not affected there’s so many episodes of sponge bob but I bet there are more hidden clues like this whole episode

  2. I never ever really liked willy wonka i would always get scared of it cause i thought it was creepy

  3. You should look into the theory about winnie the pooh being about mental illness. Also if you hadn't have said anything I would have thought that thunder was part of the background music. :p

  4. I watched Charlie and the chocolate factory when I was 5 and didn't eat Willy wonka candy until I was 11 I hate that movie

  5. I HAVE A QUESTION. HOW COME IN SPONGEBOB THEY CAN BURN FIRE UNDERWATER? it happened in some episodes and it fucks me up every time

  6. willy wonka was written by a child author Roald Dahl and he wrote many other children stories with no connections to horror films so i think this one was thought into way much, Willy wonka was written in 1971, was before the first saw film which was in 2004, a good connection but sadly there isn't any truth in it.

  7. I like the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Not only is it more faithful adaptation of the book (At least, title wise not sure about other things) but it actually shows all the kids alive at the end. Granted, not WELL but they're there. And over all it's less creepy of a movie, and has a good story to tell.

  8. to add to the one about neville having the wrong wand…
    he was always good at herbology. it was always his best subject.
    i don't remember anyone needing a wand for herbology.

  9. with the spongebob suicide thing-in the episode where squidward sticks his head in the oven, right after that scene he says something along the lines of "I just can't seem to get happy" and while saying that, he swings a rope up (clearly indicating hanging himself) but then says "maybe this'll cheer me up and pulls up the rope and there's a clam animal in a cage.

  10. She says "you've probably heard your favorite YouTuber talk about this before" like she's not my favorite YouTuber…..girl YOU are my favorite YouTuber????

  11. She forgot the one when squidward ( same episode she talked about) pulls up a rope sighs says something like " Maybe this will help" and reveals it to be a bird cage with a bird in it

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  13. the willy wonka conspiracy theory has officially screwed me over, that WAS one of my favorite movies. not anymore

  14. I always had nightmares from Willy Wonka when I was a kid. It was the first thing that made me have them as a child. I never wanted to watch it because it scared me so much!!!

  15. I'm new to this channel and I subscribed because you told me to. •-•) And I also have a feeling you're gonna be fun to watch talk about conspiracy theories.

  16. In the remake, we do indeed see the kids again. Me being me, I haven't read the book yet so I don't know. I loved the original as a younger child, but I never realized the kids who "lost" never actually showed on screen further after that. Wow, the chocolate factory is just a candy version of Saw for the kids who go

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