8 times Trump denied collusion with Russia

President Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and Russia. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Collusion is not a crime and there will be no collusion, what is a crime is aiding and abedding in a crime. Trump inaction makes him just as guilty as his actions. His actions include, reaching out to wikileaks, encouraging the hacking and stealing of DNC documents, encouraging his campaigne to reach out to Russian Nationals to discredit his opponnent. His in actions, include failing to take a stance against foreign national interferring in our elections, failing to cease and disistd providing information to Russian and Russian National in a public forum. One several occassions in a public forum exactly what would hurt his opponent, what american citizens to focus on, exactly which town, states his opponent was most vonerable, what types of ads and propoganda to include. All throughout 2016 Trump aide and abedded Russia and Russian nationals. Twitter Facebook and the media are also somewhat responsible in spreading the lies and adhereing to Russia interference.

  2. Forget about collusion watch out for the collision ahead.

    Donald keeps trying to press the brakes😖 but somehow the Mueller train keeps on coming full steam ahead they crushed the Cohen barrier and its unstoppable headed right towards the "Subject" 😁 soon to be Target 45.

  3. You'd deny it too 8 times while the Media has been slamming him for well over a freaking year now…NOTHING…NADA!!! Get it??

  4. Wow, those people behind trump are really the cream of the republican crop aren't they? Trump and his cult members absolutely deserve each other.

    The experts noted clear changes from Trump’s unscripted answers 30 years ago to those in 2017, in some cases stark enough to raise questions about his brain health. . . John Montgomery, a psychologist in New York City and adjunct professor at New York University, said “it’s hard to say definitively without rigorous testing” of Trump’s speaking patterns, “but I think it’s pretty safe to say that Trump has had significant cognitive decline over the years.

    TRUMP:- Hi Vlad, I have to impose some more sanctions on your country
    PUTIN:- Hi Donny, You do that and the P-TAPE will be released
    TRUMP:- OK Vlad, no more sanctions
    HALEY:- WTF?

  7. Donald Trump just gave away his next tactic. When it is found out that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, Donald Trump will say I had no knowledge that my campaign colluded with Russians.

  8. If there's nothing to hide, then testify. If he's got nothing to hide, then why doesn't he release his taxes if for no other reason than to prove he's not in bed with Putin. If there was no collusion, then why did he lie about not spending the night in Russia? For a campaign that had no collusion there are certainly a lot of people pleading guilty and cooperating with investigators.

  9. Of course this mobb boss pos. Criminal lies lies his dumb ass voter believe this elderly non politician dumb ass your time will come asap criminal Drumpf yes you. The Russia is collusion& you will be brought down for it one way another fat ass pos.

  10. Hello asshole-in-chief.  What about the Russians at the Russian embassy?  What about the Internet and telephone as sources of communications?  The more Trump whines about Russian collusion, the guiltier he sounds.  You think I'm going to believe anything that comes out of your lying lips, Trump?

  11. Isn't it funny how RT's videos all have disclaimers that RT is run by the Russian government, but Bezos (who owns Washington Post) can receive $600 million fucking dollars straight from the CIA, and none of WaPo's videos get a similar disclaimer? makes you think

  12. he said it a few times. well I hear this every day on cnn like every few minutes literally they push this collusion on the press non stop non stop. Russia hasn't even been Russia for the longest time they fell apart. Donald Trump has been hinting at running for president since I can remember the 80's? so he made a fortune being an American and Americans voted for him. there seemed to be a side of him always thats told you you can do it you can do it motivational . what's so hard to understand. look at it this way some people may have even just voted for the lesser evil. next time bring a real candidate Hilary was so see through transparent. its all on paper all the times she burned America . like a house of cards ready to fall over. And then to say shes for women and rights of women. that's the biggest crock I ever seen. she aided with her legal expertise to help her husband. Bill Clinton get away with what he did to more then one women how many times? How many cases I remember the 90s and they spoke of his affairs and forced actions. Its a shame that so many people can't unplug the tv for a minute to read some facts. or just remember history for what it is. not be told what to think. for the most part presidents have always been selected. what's the outcry did we finally get one in that they didn't want? do you see your logic here? and theses people are so old the only boogie man they can think of is Russia. did something happen? and they're trying to rewrite history and forget we had a cold war. and Russia fell apart soon after there was so much division and poverty and hungry civil war. Could we have called it a power at all? seems to me we have to continue to live in this world with Russians as part of what makes the world a beautiful place to live. having diversity in races. for the most part they want to be proud of where they come from and who they are and people will never want to leave they're country or have it destroyed in war. god forbid another Syria Iraq Afghanistan do we really need to send theses places to oblivion? so its to point fingers here and there at every race nation as boogie man. and trump he's racist because the Russians. Russians are evil and that's not racist to say. because we didn't say planet of the apes. a movie about everything around you changing and being forgotten and going against humanity. does anyone else know the answer to 1984?

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