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(I called it the warren commisson on accident- that one was for JFK.)

Empire unmasked (documentary)
Loose Change 9/11 (documentary)

Suspects still alive?

What do you think?

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  1. You don’t need to be an architect or engineer to see that the WTC buildings fell in such a way that it could only be a controlled demolition and not caused by a plane impact alone. That the government was probably complicit in the death of its own citizens is sickening.

  2. Hello Kendall! Great video! I have been researching 911 for several years and yes this was a CONSPIRACY. What is great about your video, you did not go off the deep end. Some of the theories on line are pretty out there. You put this in a clear and consist form. There is so much more to this story and details. One of the most damning pictures online is a picture of a fireman standing in the rubble. In the picture, there is a HUGE metal beat for the tower, is cut or sheared on a perfect 45 degree angle. Would love for you to dig more, gather even more and share it. Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm the same way as you, I was also very young when 9/11 happened. I was in 2nd grade. Once I was old enough, I started doing my research about everything. Especially after my Junior Year of highschool. My History professor, told us his story about how he was in/escaped the twin towers. (he was in the second tower to get hit so he was safely evacuated.) That spiraled me into conspiracy theories. However, I have since taken a break from the 9/11 topic.. after on accident discovering a picture of one of the victims that jumped from the tower…on the ground.. it was pretty gruesome. I have PTSD so it stuck with me and still has today. But despite these conspiracy theories, alot of lives were lost. I hope we get answers to these questions one day. Not just for us, but for those who's families lost their lives.

  4. I'd be on the fence if this was the only shady case that's US-related but there are so many examples of things we k n o w were fabricated or covered up that I have no more reasons to believe the official version any more than any of the other theories

  5. Where I live in Atlanta, I witnessed the controlled demolition of the Georgia Archives building and its uncannily similar to the World Trade Center

  6. Jet fuel does melt steal beams, there is a video on youtube of a guy using jet fuel on a steal beam and the beam bends. Find it odd that the owner took a lease on the buildings as if he knew something would happen, but all in all the way the two towers fell is normal to me, physics suggests it was a normal collapse.

  7. If terrorists would crash a plane into the building isn’t it also a possibility the terrorists planted bombs as well?

  8. Wasnt there a gas station that caught footage of alleged plane hitting the pentagon. That footage was confiscated

  9. I always believed it was fucking set up by our government, I was 8 and I knew something was very wrong…. but all those poor innocent people 😢 it's fucked up. Everyone was so sad at my elementary school, we even had to practice drills… because the teachers/staff were afraid of getting bombed etc.

  10. So many government trolls here xD look it up if you don’t already know about it, the government literally trains and pays people to discredit videos like this that question their narrative! My comment might get deleted by these slimeballs soon though.

  11. Love the videos! You should do one on Tania Head – the woman with the saddest 9/11 story that wasn't even there. It is an interesting story 😶

  12. If people know anything about operation northoods, or operation mongoose, or operation bingo, or operation dirty trick, or any of the hundreds of other similar operations, like the gulf of tonkin, and they still believe the govt story about 9/11then it seems like they are so completely brainwashed that there is no hope for them. Every time america goes to war it is because of false flag operations like these. In Iraq it was the false weapons of mass destruction. When america attacks Iran it will be because of false nuclear weapons that never existed. These are crimes, and acts of terrorism, being planned and carried out by the american govt and they are never held accountable for it.

  13. Hey Kendal have you done the podcast on this yet? I really wanna listen but can't find where to go if you've made it already. ?
    Thanks for the great vids

  14. The evidence is overwhelming, you didn't mention how before the plane hit the second tower there was a small lapse in footage on all news channels. Therefore we never really saw the plane hit the tower. It was a hoax.

  15. I definitely beleive the government did 9/11 but why didnt they make it look like the terrorists bombed the buildings? Like what was the point in the planes?

  16. Kendall, love your videos and adore you! I really relate to you in sooooo many ways. Please keep up the great work!

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