A Better Way to Fix Health Care

Obamacare focused on quantity—it put the bureaucracy first. Our plan will focus on quality—we will put the patient first. We think that’s the way to go.

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  1. GOP/Republicans have been in power of the House and Senate for a while
    now and everything Obama/Dems have put forward, it has gotten your vote
    to pass Obamacare, Iran Deal, Fastrack, TPP, etc… PAUL RYAN STOP YOUR

  2. In Ryan's introduction to this 'Better Way' series he claimed to be presenting a plan that lets the people choose what to implement. That sounds like a pure democracy — something I would like to see. Along those lines, why not put a 'Single Payer' system up for a federal referendum vote in the upcoming November elections. Put three options that the voters could choose one on the referendum: the plan presented in this video, the current Obamacare, or a single payer system that would allow citizens of all ages enroll in Medicare. Yes, let the people decide.

  3. Affordable Care Act must by rebuilt.  It is one of the sloppiest, ill-conceived piece of legislator ever written.  It is obviously headed toward single-payer. You want to see what  single payer looks like, look at the VA.

  4. For a look at how Republicans manage health care, read "Poor and Uninsured in Texas," by Ricardo Nuila, in the Aug. 18 issue of The New Yorker. Patients don't get the treatment they need because Republicans only want to undermine the Affordable Care Act. In Texas, health care is not for the poor. I find it hard to take seriously a healthcare proposal from politicians who just want to score points against the opposition and don't begin with an assumption that EVERYONE deserves health care.

  5. Obama care is raising cost as is SS on those of us who can least afford it. If al, government employees and those appointed or elected had to come under this plan changes would be made for the good of all.

  6. I agree there should be adjustments to ObamaCare but it has been a blessing to me and millions others who could not afford Insurance. I lived with pain for years and years because I could not afford Insurance payments. I now know I have Fibromayalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Apnea, Adrenal fatigue. All those combine could have KILLED me. Now you want eliminate my Insurance? These conditions has taken years of my life away. I have been disabled for years. It was like I was in a coma state of being. My body is wrecked and my life. IF you take this insurance away from those like me I will go back to being in a coma state. The results will be devastating. You people in Washington have it made but millions of US do not. Insurance through work is ancient. STOP hurting the poor but adjust rates for the middle class and wealthy. I thank God for ObamaCare. Republicans are known for taking more than give. I think they would rid the world of poor, sick, seniors…that is why I will never vote for Republicans. I do not trust Republicans….

  7. Rep and Dems discussed healthcare reform during Pres Clintons first term. Dems were in the majority. Mid way Republicans take the majority in house and senate. Republicans hold the majority thru Clintons second term, Bush's first atn the first two years of Bush's second term. Republicans had near 12 years to come up with something — they did nothing — democrats did nothing. The public takes it up the kazoo.

    Corporations have to pay as much or more than 14k per individual per year. To cut cost business shifts a that burden to the employee. Pharmaceuticals company's get governments and tax incentives to promote research and development, still the taxpayer does not have access for lifesaving drugs unless they are willing to pay big bucks (Eppipen, dry eye medicines just two of many).

    Ryan's attempt is nice – I doubt seriously the public (like all citizens – not just the employed with healthcare plans). Costs will continue to rise they always do – this plan is no different.

  8. How about requiring hospitals and doctors offices to tell you how much they charge for all procedures upfront? Cost isn't even a concern with the insurance system… All they care about is if it's covered or not

  9. Please explain how "litigation reform" has ever lowered insurance premiums? Most states have this legislation in place and insurance premiums have never decreased. Litigation reform has ruined lives for those that have been maimed by medical incompetence and has never lowered premiums by a penny. GET REAL!

  10. This seems less like a detailed "plan" than a philosophy. The philosophy is the "free market" and self-reliance (aka "choice" or "patient centric" which are euphemisms.) The predictable message is "anti-government." So far as there's any detail here it is: older people will be covered by Medicare; the poor by Medicaid (although the states will run their own Medicaid programs, so …?); health insurance through work; or tax credits if you don't get health insurance through work. Then there are HSA's — which are a supplement to insurance, and are subject to market volatility; shopping for insurance across state lines; pooling purchasing power for leverage; etc. A couple of bits from the ACA are retained. Is this some big, ingenious solution? All it is is basic free market principles. If someone is expecting a "plan" that's on the same level as the ACA, good luck.

    The problem is that this approach is not a solution to the problem the Democrats defined. The GOP is not going to come up with a plan that ensures everyone is covered by insurance – you heard Ryan explicitly criticize "quantity" and coverage for the greatest number. The GOP is not addressing the problem of how many lived without insurance before the ACA, and relied on emergency rooms. The GOP does not care about that. They are framing a different problem. So the two sides are just talking past each other.

  11. Speaker Paul Ryan, just as President Obama, look to the same goal; the difference of opinion is how to achieve that goal. Obama tried to get quantity, that is true as the Speaker said. Although I don't believe, at this point, that the Speaker's plan is totally driven towards quality; as he says. The reason I believe that the Speaker's plan is not totally driven towards quality is because, even though the plan is cutting cost here and there (which is very important) in order to lower premiums, it still does not address the key issues with not only the ACA but the entire health care system of the US. Some of the key issues, in my opinion, is the fact that we are the only nation of our caliber that does not guarantee health care to all Americans as a right, and that in the US we pay not only the highest in health care while at the same time not getting the best care but that we are paying, for the same exact medicine, exceedingly higher prices than somebody who lives in other countries around the world. Obamacare has brought many good things, theres no doubt that it has not only saved lives and helped thousands of others, but we have to be clear about it's flaws; only when we are honest about the facts can we truly address them. I know it is hard for many of our representatives, republican and democrat, to stand up to the powerful industries but I believe that if we demand a system that truly stands to benefit our nation we, together, will achieve something great.

  12. Patients need the freedom not only to choose the healthcare plan that they want, but also the freedom to choose the actual healthcare that they want. Patients need the freedom to refuse medical internventions that they don't want and the liberty to choose medical interventions that they DO want. No medical interventions should ever be mandated in a free society. Patients should be allowed the freedom to determine the ways that they will prevent illness and the ways that they will treat illness.

  13. One easy and inexpensive way to shave massive amounts of money from the cost of healthcare is to provide univrsal access to 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D testing and Vitamin D supplementation to maintain adequate Vitamin D blood levels which would be monitored by at least quarterly.

  14. Here is what you do, quite simple: 1. Keep the pre-existing clause, 2. Keep the coverage for young people under 26, 3. Make it a requirement that any health care provider has to accept all forms of medical insurance, that will bring back competition, with competition brings higher quality and lower cost to the consumer (business 101).

  15. This was comical and I work in the healthcare industry. There were vague ideas and some regurgitated old ideas like tort-reform (minimal effects on healthcare), HSA accounts expansion (helps the rich) and purchasing insurance across state lines (failed idea due – ME tried it). There were some other typical references to gut consumer protections and cut medicaid (block grant, per capita spending). The rest of it was doom and gloom about the ACA which covers over 20 million people… so much havoc! They gave no specifications about the criticism, which helps them out because then they don't have to provide a fix. If you see the problem and you've been working on this for "years", then cite a problem and your fix. They can't. They want it to be the wild wild west as it was prior to the ACA reform bill. This was a partisan hack show paid for by insurance donors, nothing more.

  16. How is this any different than what we had before? We need a universal healthcare system that addresses profiteering and exorbitant costs.

  17. Let us know Mr. Ryan when your plan is finished – When your better way produces results. – You had 8 years to put it together where is your health care plan Mr Ryan ? you don't have one is my guess.

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