A Brief History Of The Future | Answers With Joe

The history of the universe is mind-blowing. But the future of the universe – and how it ends – is even more so.

From the end of the human race to the fate of planet Earth, the solar system, the Milky Way, and beyond, in today’s video, we talk about the far, far future and what it holds for everything.

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Animation of the sun:

End of the universe documentary


Ted Ed

Michio Kaku – Big Think


Sun red giant

Will the earth survive the red giant

White Dwarfs

Solar system as a white dwarf

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  1. I'm a bit late, But Joe back on track! Great video. A good insight on how stuff is gonna end in the future.

  2. your channel is all fine and dandy, but i didn't subscribe because i can't stand the stupid faces you put on the thumbnails.

  3. I don't think evolution will end the human race, except taxonomically. Just because we will become physically different doesn't mean we will be not-human, anymore than the child ceases to exist when it becomes an adult.

  4. Hey Joe. Can you Make a video about the Electric Universe/ Plasma Cosmology? Thanks for all the great content!!

  5. Not to worry about Andromeda according to what I've heard from astronomers. Even though the two galaxies will commingle, most of the planets & stars & other bodies will not even touch each other. There's so much space between them. That's what I've heard.

  6. The universe is expanding according to Hubble, but if there's another reason for the redshifts & blueshifts, maybe it's not.

    Einstein originally believed that the Universe always existed. That was the predominant thinking for a brief period of time. He fudged his calculations for a while because of that.

    Course if you believe the Bible, then you know there is another universe. It is called the new heavens and the new Earth. It will replace this universe. The old universe will be discarded.

    Then eternity. What happens to time? Time is a creation, created by God. In eternity there is no time. Time will end.

    How long will the universe in its presence state exist? That is a good question. After Jesus Christ returns, the Bible says he will rule & reign on Earth 1,000 years. And then the end will come.

  7. Maybe if the expansion of the universe is accelerating eventually it will reach light speed and time will stand still

  8. Can you do a video about Imposter Syndrome? Would be helpful to all of us that struggle with it.

  9. Any species that comes up with "Milkdromeda" deserves cold death… (not to be harsh … but think about this: what if the only artifacts to survive from this planet were the Moon Hoax videos (?) … brought to you by the same mindset that thought up 'Milkdomeda', but just got different jobs.)

  10. Naw, as we advance those 2nd class citizens will be allowed to do as they please as long as they don't impact the 1st class citizens. Being evolved 1st class citizens means they'll make allowances. Just as aliens don't bother us unless it impacts them…

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