A prisoner shows New Yorkers what juvenile solitary confinement feels like

Five Mualimm-ak spent five years in solitary confinement in prison. Now an activist, he decided to show the public what it’s like to live in isolation by building a replica of a cell in front of New York City’s federal courthouse.

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  1. I'm completely fine with solitary confinement. They are criminals why should they be able to live comfortably?

    Look I'm not saying that if ur busted for marihuana u should be in solitary but I think it's fully appropriate to put let's say a serial murderer in one of these things. Yes it's terrible but that's the point of prison it's not to rehabilitate you it's to Punish you for committing a Crime! When you break the law u r basically giving up ur rights.

    It's bad enough that they low life's r being feed three meals a day while we have kids and families starving. Why not make them a little uncomfortable? I'm just saying

  2. Well i only support this because i think criminals must be used for either slave labour or to conduct medical research on them, any criminal who is not fit for that must be put to death. Criminals have no rights and must have their human identity taken away from them

  3. What about those that choose solitary because they are afraid of another inmate killing them?

    What about the radical feminist if you get rid of solitary confinement you destroy another safe space for them.

  4. they completely lost me when i saw the BLM poster on the cage. I'm gonna go donate some $ to the Vet Clinic, maybe put a kitty out of cage.

  5. i don't normally talk about this the truth needs to be told i was 18 years old when i was arrested for having marijuana even though i had a medical prescription for it. that was the first time i was arrested. i have PTSD from a car crash when i was 15 years old the judge gave me 1 year in jail because he didn't want drugs in his city my lawyer showed the judge my medical history the judge threw it in the garbage can he then gave another 6 months because he was angry at the doctor for allowing me to smoke about 2 weeks into my prison term a guy walked up to me and punched me in the face knocking me out cold i woke up in solitary confinement i was supposed to be given my meds once a day they didn't for almost 6 months i was cutting biting and smashing my head against the walls i was talking to people who weren't their the voices in my head said over and over again kill yourself kill your self i tried didn't work after i was released the scars on my head arms and legs look like i had skin graphs even though i didn't. there are no words to describe what it was like in there other then HELL.

  6. There is some prison cells just like in the video, That were bulit for one man,, But due to tight financial budgets the cells are for Two Men. A Medium Maximum prison in Mt. Sterling IL, Called Western Prison,, The General Population Is Locked Down 21 hours and 15 muntues every day, Two hours a day for yard or day room and 15 mins for breakfast, lunch & dinner,
    5 mins to walk to Chow Hall,
    5 mins to eat, 5 mins to walk back to cell,, You Learn To Eat FAST,,

  7. Raise your hand if you are against solitary confinement, now go and see the grave of their victim and see how much space is provided to the convict compared to the victim in their grave. Zero fucks given to these killers.

  8. Just remember they are not taking random people and isolating them they have done the crime now do the punishment. I’m saying that as a former prisoner for 12 years

  9. I think the maximum time for solitary confinement should be 48 hours and only for misconduct while in prison. Any longer than 48 hours, a persons mental state really can be effected. It’s supposed to be punishment and correction, not punishment and corruption.

  10. i agreed with all commenters here. thats the reason is call jail,so u dont want to inside it so u dont do crime.

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