Above The Fold demo @ ACM SIGCOMM’18

This video presents a practical method for measuring Web
above-the-fold (ATF) time. It is a teaser for the upcoming demonstration at ACM SIGCOMM 2018.

You can find more details about the science behind the video at

Page load time (PLT) is still the most common application
Quality of Service (QoS) metric to estimate the Quality of Experience (QoE) of Web users. Yet, recent literature abounds
with interesting proposals for alternative metrics (e.g., Above
The Fold, SpeedIndex and variants) that aim at closely capturing how users perceive the Webpage rendering process.
However, these novel metrics are typically computationally
expensive, as they require to monitor and post-process videos
of the rendering process, and have failed to be widely deployed.

In this demo, we show our implementation of an opensource
Chrome extension that implements a practical and
lightweight method to measure the approximated Above-theFold
(AATF) time, as well as others Web performance metrics.
The idea is, instead of accurately monitoring the rendering
output, to track the download time of the last visible object
on screen (i.e., “above the fold”). Our plugin also has options
to save detailed reports for later analysis, a functionality
ideally suited for researchers wanting to gather data from
Web experiments.

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