Activist YoNasDa Lonewolf Comes Home to Pine Ridge. Black Indians Truth

YoNasDa Lonewolf is an activist, hip hop artist and curator of African and Lakota heritage. Queen YoNasDa, is an Oglala Lakota enrolled member. This is the story of Yonasda’s journey back to her mother’s tribe & her ancestors to unite two great nations. Next Afro Native Identity:

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Yonasda Lonewolf Hill led a delegation of mental health workers, economic development specialists and hip hop artists to visit and bring awareness on the plight of poverty affecting the Oglala Lakota Nation of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

“It is an honor to have two rich heritages running through my veins, but at times it was hard as well. Because I am brown skinned (not looking like the stereotypical mixed person) I was constantly in defense of American Indians in school, when the children didn’t think I was Native American, and they would poke fun of us during Thanksgiving by calling us “red skins,” “Indian givers,” and making “hey ya ya” sounds. The same way I felt as a child by standing up for who I am, I am the same way today.”

YoNasDa is committed to continuing the work of her mother Wauneta Lone Wolf-Cox (1951 – 2003), an Oglala Lakota social activist, youth councelor and motivational speaker who also was part of the American Indian Movement (AIM). Yonasda’s mother worked with Muhammad Ali, the Nation of Islam as well as with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to bring closer relations between Black American and Native American Indian communities. Her father was the fine artist Theadius McCall, a Black American from Brooklyn, NY.

YoNasDa’s grandfather is the world renowned Minister Louis Farrakhan. As a young child YoNasDa stood by her mother’s and grandfather’s side speaking to the hip hop nation. She often remembers when her grandfather said that one rapper’s song is equivalent to five of his speeches. YoNasDa feels very strongly about her responsibility to use her music as a mouth piece to educate and uplift young people.

“December 21, 2003 is the day my mother, Wauneta Lonewolf, passed of lung cancer. She worked strenuously on bridging cultural awareness, Native American philosophies and education to races of all kinds. She was full blood Oglala Lakota and my father, Theadius McCall, was African American. Growing up, as a single mother, my mother did her best to raise my brother N’gozi Wazi (Julio), and me to make sure we knew our Native and African American history. Just imagine, at the age of 10 learning the story of the Trail of Tears and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade at the same time, and people thought seeing Roots was horrific. I had double punches of battery of the struggles of my people.”

YoNasDa started in 2011 “Rez Tours” which offer cultural tours to Indigenous communities across North America to learn more about Indigenous cultures. Rez Tours is an important project to educate people from all walks of life about Native people and their communities. This is a truly inspiring project that YoNasDa has made available for organizations, community leaders, entertainers and the general public at large to enjoy a unique experience of the rich culture, food, history and traditions of Native American Indians.

“December 21, 2003 is the day my mother, Wauneta Lonewolf, passed of lung cancer. She worked strenuously on bridging cultural awareness, Native American philosophies and education to races of all kinds. She was full blood Oglala Lakota and my father, Theadius McCall, was African American. Growing up, as a single mother, my mother did her best to raise my brother N’gozi Wazi (Julio), and me to make sure we knew our Native and African American history. Just imagine, at the age of 10 learning the story of the Trail of Tears and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade at the same time, and people thought seeing Roots was horrific. I had double punches of battery of the struggles of my people.”

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  1. JOHNNY….that's simply not true. I do think part of the problem is that many people (of all racial backgrounds) are coming in and among tribal communities through gatherings, etc without really connecting to them and/or being connected. Although there is a lot of work to be done in that regard, anyone who has Native ancestry should learn in as non-assuming a manner as possible about their tribal connections, after which they will be able to attest to having family heritage and community ties.

  2. Whaaaaat?!!!! 200 million dollars leaves the reservation every 2 weeks because of mismanagement in the past – how can this be possible? I think this has to be an estimated or made up number picked out of the air, but still, there is a million dollars being generated every 2 weeks on the reservation? What is that being spent on? Who's supposed to be managing this money, what are they doing? Sorry, but I'm pretty sure Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse would be outraged by these kind of statistics if that's true and walking around and seeing their people being destroyed and living in poverty, someone needs to start answering some pretty serious questions.

  3. Natives are not even close to Islamic. We are people from before man dominated and severed his connection to earth.

  4. The original Indians we were Brown Skinned Copper Colored. That is the ORIGINAL definition of American according to Webster's 1828 dictionary: The Aboriginal Copper colored inhabitants of America. Copper comes in a range of colors from tan to dark almost black looking. Google the color scheme of copper. My grands are full blood Choctaw. They are YoNasDa's color and she is my color. The lights skinned Indians we see today are largely mixed with White and Mongoloid. No need to feel out of place YoNasDa your coloring is exactly what is supposed to be.

  5. Olmec's are the original message of native indigenous aboriginal people of turtle island, and cloves tribes is other one half as well than other came later!!.

  6. This is bullshit! I would never listen to some black person with just word! I would listen to a fellow Native with answers. I believe I know my mission now.

  7. My grandma mix choctaw an black german. my great great grandma was Original Native Choctaw women no black.From me my mom we have red copper skin and long straight nose like them.
    my mother 25% and us siblings eighth. we been knew they LIED.. my momalways told us truth. interesting some
    black folks didnt know.
    cause some are from congo… We was already here in our USA. our Soil
    our LAND!!!! BLACK AND CHOCTAW PRIDE…Rise up All!!!!!

  8. I had no idea, Lakota Sioux up in the Dakotas had many black relatives. I know the 5 great nations of the south, Cherokee, Chickasaw and especially Seminoles were full of blacks

  9. Its really not this deep! lol My mother was full blood Native American from Pine Ridge,SD and my father is Black,African American,Afro American whatever you wanna label him from Brooklyn,NY. I come from two great nations. My mother did a phenonemal job raising my brother and I to be proud of being from two great descendants of people. I learned the ways of my African and Black culture. She taught me my Lakota and other Indigenous cultures.
    It was those outside of my home that treated me mean because of the color of my skin and the texture of my hair. I was picked on by black, native, latino and white people because they thought I was adopted because I didnt look like my mother. If I wore my native cultural regalia they would call me "pocohontas" and laugh or put their hands over their mouth and scream fake war crys of "lilili." When I would wear traditional african garments i would be called "african booty scratcher" or laughing that I am a slave.
    So its sad that in 2016, this type of ignorance is still happening today. I know many of you all don't personally know my story. Don't know that my late mother Wauneta Lonewolf was introduced into the Nation of Islam by working for Muhammad Ali as his public relations director. Many of you all may look at my entire interviews,etc and say "Oh she ain't native! She is Muslim! She is a fraud!" etc etc.
    But all of your judging is completely wrong and if you do than you are as worst as the oppressor that have oppressed many of our ancestors on all nations.
    WAKE UP!!!! Stop judging me!!!
    If this post isnt enough don't worry I will be releasing my memoir and docu-series soon just to give hope to those that had to hide who they are because of ridicule and ignorance.
    Embrace your differences and you have a full life ahead of you to get stuck in your ways. You will be surprised what you will learn by hearing someone stories behind their appearance.

    Mitakoye Oyasin
    YoNasDa Lonewolf

  10. Why are people calling the most powerful people in the world oppressed? Islam is not an oppressed religion. Look up ex muslim vids. Learn about the real Islam and not about the Taqiya used to manipulate you. Music would be gone. Song, drums, healing all gone if they have their way. If you do not believe that Mohammed is the one and only true prophet of God you will be an unbeliever. Unbelievers have to pay Jizra. They pay or are removed from the land, enslaved or killed. Why do you not educate yourself? You think colonialism is only from European whites? Not true. Wolf in sheep clothing… In Islam women are only there to procreate. They have no rights. They are only worth 1/3 of a man's worth. Please educate yourself.

  11. This is because black aboriginals were the 1st people on American soil 30k years ago.Mongoloids came 5k years ago when they did the black aboriginal embrace them this is how they gained melanin and became the nation of people you see today.A team of paleontologist tested the remains of thy 30k yr hueman and have a substantial amount of evidence to support their claims and will challenge anyone who begs to differ the team also believe the natives got their culture and spirituality from the black aboriginal tribes as the writings on the wall suggest but the team cannot prove that point.America belongs to the natives and blacks this is their homeland everyone else are foreigners.I know blacks are down and out we always have been but we are an extremely gifted talented people we have to get our musicians,actors,sports player and more to help our native brothers and sisters they are our people too we need more rappers practicing group economics instead of greed but our people are so use to not having anything that when we get it….

  12. yeah you are Indian's the African's ,and yes we children of forest wilderness tribes of Olmec's were are grandmother, grandfather, clovis paleo natives was other part of are family tree medicine coming as one who are Real Native American mound builders and woodland tribes of turtle island,

  13. Hey yonasda my beautiful black Indian sister,we do exist in a proud black Indian I'm Cheraw Indian nation from the south.i dont care what people say or think I know who I am I speak my native language,and live it up thats me.we are the real ones not the fake ones,you have a beautiful rich history keep it up boo.

  14. I just checked out vids of my tribe here on YouTube. Not one black person commenting about being a "black native" All the comments had the last names of most my tribes members no store bought native garb. There were no "Lonewolf" "Running Spring" "Little Feather" etc.

  15. I like the helpful intentions but not really feeling how she pushes NOI ideology as being synonymous with Native ways, they are very different.

  16. i am biracial but i identify as Native-American. My Father was native-american. the reason there is so much conflict between Native-Americans and Blacks is because the Bureau of Indian affairs does hateful things to divide the races. Natives mixed with black have a hard time getting recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. they are denied monies for stolen lands and Indian services and literally told they are not Native enough even though five dollar white indians have no trouble receiving Indian benefits from the government. Because of slavery and Jim Crow laws many zambos such as myself know our Black culture but not our Native culture. Blacks keep jim crow laws alive by telling Natives mixed with Black that they are not Native but Black. Biracial Natives catch hell from both Natives and Blacks. the government is behind all the hatred between these two oppressed races here in the united states.

  17. I appreciate you sister for sharing your heritage and ancestry on both sides of your family. I found out 2 1/2 yrs ago that my great grandmother was born and raised on the Shinnecock reservation, I found that my ancestry starts on that reservation and long history that goes with it. I appreciate both my heritage, my father is from south Carolina, I always wanted to know, my grandmother always told me that she had ancestors that lived on the reservation, I never believed her until, I found her mother's Biography at a church. I don't care what anyone says about how I look or what color my skin is, I share pictures of the Aboriginal Natives of Southampton, they look like you and me, now that I know my heritage I'm proud to share the blood of the First Ingenious Peoples of America! Aho!!

  18. not sure native American culture has much to do with the nation of Islam. Nice try. Check out who ran the slave trade in Africa (Arabs or Europeans? tell the truth, now!)

  19. calla negra de mierda ,,gorila disfrazada de bufalo ,, esta loca se cree india americana por mas que alla pasado 1000 generaciones sigue siendo de sangre africana


  21. She looks like the average black person / that must mean most blacks are part Indian . No wonder they are so violent

  22. Take responsibility for your lives you stupid wild Indians 😾👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁😁👏🏻👏🏻

  23. My great great grandma is full blood native American and my grandfather is half native American and half white and my dad is black and my mom mixed is native American and white and black, and me and my brother are mixed native American and white and black. All y'all people are so beautiful people

  24. Hey 😃 that sounds like a great job opportunity, I'm going to work for the Dakota access pipeline 😺👍🏻

  25. If any Native hates a Black or Mixed Black Indian he hates himself. Our ancestors blood is burned deep with the black man in the continent of North America and our abuse by the white man. As we sit here and argue over the color of a Natives skin and who is or not Native our languages are being lost, People fighting and disenrolling others over Casino blood money. Young Native boys were being SODOMIZED BY A WHITE MAN WHO WAS A DOCTOR ON THE PINE RIDGE RESERVATION FOR YEARS!!! No one spoke up and A Native woman took bribes to cover it up! Native Nations will be taken down one by one by the great spirit for all of this ugliness. Our dead and tortured ancestors will hang their heads in disgrace of you All! You will not prosper but erode!!! I promise you this!

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