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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. So UN what if your family wasn’t even in the United States 200 yrs ago? It just goes to show this has NWO written all over it, with obama being one at the helm. Just more NWO bs, illegal as it is!

  2. NWO knows that white America would never agree to such a payment to black America, thus a civil war would breakout and the UN will come in and take our guns so thar NWO will be able to control the US, then they will move on to take over Russia. Thus it’s to the benefit of Russia to backup the US on this particular NWO event. UN is not worried about human rights in third world counties where people are being killed by their country. Just goes to show that this is all NWO involvement!

  3. The UN needs to look at other nation, the black people in the US has it made they are either making millions or they get eGovernment funding, I am have Cherokee Indian, what did we get oh yeah they killed almost all of us, However its over just like slavery has been, i do not owe them a damn thing.I grew up here,served in the military and i still stand for the flag. They are and always will be injustice in one form or another.I have seen police treat white people just as bad as black people, i do not think the problem is the color of one;s skin, I think the problem is you have good cops and you have bad cops, same as with people. Good Luck with trying to change that.

  4. Dismantle the nazi United nations zionist european union pedophile military perverts who only joined to get there paws on even more starved and desperate babies and children for there payments just like the zionist jew DynCorp baby and child trafficking and harvesting organizations for the elite and rich pedophile perverts.

  5. The UN needs to get out of our country! They are not allowed to interfere in our business! Throw the UN out of our country, and leave us alone. President Trump please get us out of this terrorist organization, do not let them meet in the USA ever again! I think everyone needs to be armed now, we there we qualify or not!

  6. America needs to leave the U.N. Fuck the U.N. Let them try to tell America and Americans what to do. Just try and invade our Country. They will die trying lol.

  7. Screw you UN! You are nothing but a Marxist globalist, racist organization determined to disarm and rule everyone. Get the hell out of the US.

  8. BRING IT YOU U.N. MONKEYS FUCK YOU . JAPAN knew if they invaded there would be a rifle behind EVERY BLADE OF GRASS . KICK THESE ARROGANT LEACHES THE FUCK OUT .

  9. but muslims run the slave trade and supplied the slaves for the plantations…muslims have been doing this for over 800yrs and are still doing it but it's white people's fault???? do you know why??? because white people have a conscience and muslims don't….they blame whites because we would feel guilty when muslims would just laugh……this is all bullshit about whites….now there is the uncomfortable truth about this crap…….

  10. not gonna disagree brother. just not into the anger on the jews like that. you may be right a lot of jews are doing shit, but my bible tells me to pray for the peace of Israel. of course if jews are pissing on my face, i ain't gonna call it rain. we agree with more than we disagree, brother. and that's a great place to start!

  11. They would have to prove that my ancestors were slave owners! As far as I know they helped them escape to the north! But over my dead body would I pay anything!

  12. You would surely eat your own shit it can easily be proven that Obama was never a legal President so anything he did was not legal I say kiss my ass and further more it was their own people that sold them and mostly Europeans that shiped them here so FU

  13. Tell the UN to "go pond sand," and then kick them out of that beautiful building in NYC and turn it into apartments and turn it over to impoverished Senior citizens to live in. They have no jurisdiction in our country. Stop being the 'sole support' of the UN.

  14. The UN had better think twice about giving ultimatums to Americans. Texas won't take it, I am sure, as will few other states but for Califa and maybe Oregon and Washington states. OH, WE'LL PAY THEM, ALL RIGHT. WE LOVE PAYDAY, COME ON DOWN!

    This story is RACE BAITING crap.
    What the UN, or any Foreign Power has to say, means NOTHING to Americans.

  16. The Marxist Traitors/Globalists are getting desperate. Who the fook, do they think they're foolin'? -LMAO, what a joke.

  17. What    about all the military personnel between 1860 and 1864 who fought and die to end slavery? What about the fact that slavery was not  by

  18. UN owes the US a lot of money for traffic violations and a myriad of other broken laws.
    So if the UN were to pay those reparations, that might knock off a flake of what they owe.

  19. Leave the white Americans alone or our white President Trump is going to kick your ass. Our white sheriffs, our white cops, our white military, are ready to take down the UN Military. Of course our other patriotic Americans, who are asians, latinos, blacks. Pacific Islanders, native American, italians, greeks, etc. etc will join in with our white people, our brothers and sisters..

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