Alaska Is Warming So Fast Algorithms Can’t Keep Up

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Written by lena

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  1. Cynically speaking…that's a good thing right? More land to expand? Less snow = more habitable land?

    And yes, i suppose sea level will rise but for any land lost in the coastal area, we gain new lands, maybe?

  2. Little known fact is that 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture. Stop supporting the animal farming industry and there's your solution. Slightly confused as to why Kyle hasn't brought this point up instead of renewable energy.

  3. Does it ever occur to anyone that the reason rich people aren't addressing climate change is because, 1) they think they can survive it, 2) They know it's already too late and figure to go out drinking Champaign?

  4. I was gonna skip donating plasma today for $25 bucks, but after seeing this I'm going, and then I'm taking cash out and putting it in an undisclosed location and heading to a food pantry for extra stuff to stock my shelves. You just reminded me why I do this shit in the first place. Thanks dude! ~

  5. The good thing is that most countries have signed up with the Paris Accord. Even if that doesn't go far enough it at least signifies that most countries' leaders realise that yes, Climate Change is a thing and that no, you don't gamble with Nature when it comes to the continued existence of your society.

    The bad thing is that still there are those who ignore or downplay the problem. That they would choose to gamble and go all or nothing on "It'll be fine". Even if you don't think it'll be as bad if so many scientists have found it is a thing wouldn't you want to be rather safe than sorry?

  6. So we can live there now? So much for Seward's folly, I guess he was ahead of his time.
    Imagine a california where it was always sunny, literally. Now imagine a world where california is a jungle.

  7. AS SOMEONE FROM FLORIDA I can fucking confirm that shit it hit 26 FUCKING DEGREES and I'm literally maybe an hour away from Miami and the keys ….. too damn cold damnit

  8. During the recent cold streak in the lower 48, temperatures were lower in Florida than in some parts of Alaska but not lower than temperatures in the Arctic. Alaska is huge and you could actually have a temperature swing of 100 degrees from the north slope to Ketchikan, so using Alaska as a whole to measure temperature is dishonest, as the Arctic is only a specific region in Alaska.

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