Alt Med Care – Conventional and Alternative Health Care Clinics 012 991 1764

– Alt Med Care – Health Care Clinic – is a supplier of products and services based on the integration of conventional (Western) medicine, pharmacology and complementary medical healthcare, science and technology.

We also offer paramedic services.

Conventional and Alternative Health Care Clinics – ALT MED CARE – Integrated Medical & Wellness Clinics. Disease prevention, support and management. Sports clinic. Counselling and education.

Special interests in Cancer, Integrative Oncology, Dread diseases, Diabetes , Terminal illness, Sports performance,
Natural medicine, Integrative medicine, Alternative medicine, Complementary medicine, Heart disease,
Auto immune diseases, Diabetes, Chronic fatigue, Hypertension, Detox, Live Blood Analysis, Ozone therapy, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Plasma therapy, Frequency, Nanofrequency and rife therapy , Whole body scan assessment, FIR Infrared treatment

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