Alternative Treatments for Cancer, a Personal Story – TLoNs Podcast #048

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This week Myles and James are joined by Gaz from the Leicester Skeptics in the Pub and Axis Mundi talks about his personal experience with alternative treatments for cancer. James and Myles try to see what changed Gaz’s mind and how he came to understand that he was not helping himself by refusing ‘western’ medicine.

find out more about Gaz and his scientific band Axis Mundi here
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Written by lena

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  1. This podcast is painful, make it stop, make it stop! All the talk about reading Crowley and the like… so many cringeworthy memories from my teenage years. I thought i'd buried them away long ago. Damn you League of Nerds, may Kabbalah Monster and FSM smite you where you stand!

  2. "Alternative treatment's for Cancer, a personal story."

    You mean Alternative Treatments*?

    Is it a plural, or just a witty name satirizing the metaphorical political tension between the actual medicine which opposes cancer, and alternative medicine which supports it?

  3. +Myles Power (powerm1985) There is a guy called Xendrius who is making a series called Demon Magicians. His movies works on the assumption that magicians are people who use demonic forces to do actual real magic. It's sort of the same thing when people who wont believe the person who is saying they are not psychic but just more insane. Definately worth a look if you find this sort of thing amusing!

  4. I have multiple approaches to talking with people, but it all depends on how they enter the conversation.

    If they are assholes, I have no problem being an asshole back, but if they are simply wrong and don't understand something, then I have no problem trying to explain something to them (in multiple ways if needed). 

  5. A great science-y themed album is Public Service Broadcasting's The Race For Space. Loads of samples from NASA mission control and stuff like that, well worth checking out.

  6. The Streisand effect website was monitoring California's coastal erosion by documenting the coastline. Streisand said "This photo shows my house take it down" and then everyone knew that was her house. The picture was downloaded four times before the lawsuit and something like 400k times right after the lawsuit.

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