Amazing Light Phenomenon Caught Above Storm Clouds In Spain
Serge Soula recently caught some amazing images of a rare light events called sprites. He caught the lights on a mountain range in Spain on November 27th. The other object that was sent to me looks to be a fake. Until i get better info on, thats where it sits.
If you know of anything wild or crazy going on, let me know at

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Written by lena

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  1. I can understand not wanting to be similar to secureteam or thirdphaseofmoon , but come on . These are obviously SPACE JELLYFISH !!!

  2. long time viewer  Dnot!!!! put securte in that TONE again !!!!!! early man!…. dont be a dick! I have put Help full stuff in yore comments from NZ.   I  would like to do more BUT "Securte" does his best… JUST LIKE U!,….. To Do whats right! WORK WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and you will both reap the views and the awaking

  3. Dahboo, I don't know how to get a hold of you, so I hope you see this.
    This is the person that just posted

    #BREAKING – Thousands Of You Male MIGRANTS – MUSLIMS – Swarming Mexican Border And Crossing Into USA
    Victurus Libertas Truth Seekers
    Victurus Libertas Truth Seekers

  4. When are people gonna use common sense and get it through their head? How much more evidence do you need? I'm not saying to believe everything you see but if you really think about it, before humans were even thought of, who and what species do you think was here before us? It wasn't just the ground and trees. Parts of earth haven't even been discovered yet by scientists. Perhaps, people are entitled to believe what they want to

  5. Dahboo you know the dead rise up first before we the bride I am part of leave the earth and meet Christ in the clouds. Please view the shapes of these lights….. These are shadow clouded spots and raised up back first……….. I cannot go into too much more in detail as Abba Most High has told his elect chosen to understand such things to keep and we've been sharing however some things we must keep as hidden manna because TIME IS UP!!!!

  6. The blue beam one was straight demon……includes deception….dark demon with hood and hands…. trust some of us when we speak to channels… I never commented on your channel but I will share all I can within what my heavenly father allows the rest please pray because it's obvious if you have spiritual eyes to see…… and you always have good on your channel, thank you.

  7. They are plasma dischargers into space which occur above thunderstorms. Research the electric universe for the real answers, you won't get anywhere with mainstream science.

  8. I'm disappointed. Secureteam is just another YouTuber trying his best to sort truth from fiction. who cares if he's 100% correct. some might say Dahboo crappish when talking about your channel because you aren't always 100% on your reporting. I liked both of your channels but with dickish statements like that im extremely disappointed.

  9. Looks like ANGELS to me.  Especially the one on the right.    You know they do watch over us and protect us?  If you do not know this, you need to pray more and pay attention to what is in the clouds.

  10. Plasma Cosmology explains all this. It isn't HAARP or disinformation or UFOs. It isn't light from below reflecting on ice crystals, either. It is a natural plasma discharge, well documented.

  11. sprites course by the glass Spherical convexed firmament above, Lear The Truth At (LSC EARTH) All SOLUTIONS, All Explanations, Simple Mindblowin Knowledge (CELL EARTH GLASS SKY) Get on it folks😇💙😇👍✌👌

  12. sprites but they do look like angels and in job God does say he has lightning report to him and ask where should they go..

  13. That's a very nice advertisement that you have in the background of your profile picture. Thank you for promoting the goals that humanity has.

  14. Lol secure team sucks no doubt and third phase . I honestly laughed so hard finally some one calling them out so hilarious

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