Ammo can 12v micro solar generator system modifications

Took an hour and did some peaking and tweaking on my “2018 model” ammo can 12v micro solar generator. As we learn and grow with our projects…I think we get better. Kinda like fine wine! Anyway, should run much better now…and safer. If you need know exact parts I used in this build or how much I spent on building this unit, let me know (PM or e-mail at How to build a solar generator. How to build a small solar generator. How to build a 12v solar generator. Ammo box solar generator. Portable power solution. SHTF power generator. Camping solar generator power.


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  1. I like the caps on the plug-in lugs. I was going to suggest acorn nuts.  We must have been thinking on the same wavelength. Plus, yours won't rust.  Some of that storm might make it to Houston tonight….we need some rain.   J K

  2. Good lord brother your work is so nice , you just need to start a solar store American built made in America awesome brother

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