Arctic Sea Ice and Cloud Experiment

This video clip shows the view of the NASA C-130 measuring cloud properties over the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska. The forward facing view is shown in the top-right panel, while the downward facing view is shown in the bottom-right panel. On the left is a time series plot showing the data being collected by instruments on the C-130 in real time.

The Arctic clouds are very heterogeneous, with areas of thick cloud and areas of no cloud encountered as the aircraft flies along a a constant altitude of around 200 m (650 ft.)

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Arctic Radiation-IceBridge Sea and Ice Experiment: The Arctic Radiant Energy System during the Critical Seasonal Ice Transition —

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  1. I bet they were watching all three altimeters on that descent!
    Is there a document, that defines the units that are being measured?
    Great video! Please upload more!

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