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Are artificial sweeteners a good alternative to sugar or do they cause harm?
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Written by lena

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  1. Oil companies adding lead to gasoline until the 70's is an example of companies slowly poisoning their consumers.

  2. Unconvincing pointless video. Shouldve said that the only danger comes from high levels and negative effects on the gut bacteria. Combining art sweeteners with prebiotic starches is the future

  3. Sorry but this only suggests that yes it doesn't cause cancer but it leaves a big question mark over what other health concerns does it raise. It's like me saying iv got a bag full of coins but there are absolutely NO 20p coins… Well what is there then…

  4. According to Ellie Whitney and Sharon rolfes in the fifteenth edition of Understanding Nutrition your facts are off and seems like you didn’t credit any sources. There is evidence it causes cancer in high doses in mice. It disgusts me that you would put this information out here for consumers to believe. PEOPLE PLEASE DO PROPER RESEARCH!

  5. "why would companies poison their consumers?", the same reason tobacco/cigarette companies do so.

    "Why are people afraid?", "Artificial" is the keyword.

  6. In April 2017, I bought some Lucozade from my usual shop and it tasted ‘off’. I didn’t finish the bottle and I had a dreadful headache that took overnight to clear. Analgesics didn’t help, I knew it was a “toxin” headache rather than a “tension” headache due to the location of the pain (left temple). A tension headache for me appears on my right temple.

    Seriously, get to know what’s wrong with you and you can treat yourself quickly.

    A few days later, I bought another bottle of it and it tasted ‘off’ also.

    I put it down to something I had eaten that had altered my sensation of taste. I even queried my medications. I had been prescribed something for a chest infection.

    A week later, I bought a Lucozade from a different shop and it tasted normal.

    And two weeks after that in May, I bought a bottle from the first shop and again it was off.

    So I Googled why Lucozade tastes funny.

    It turns out that the company that makes Lucozade introduced a new recipe for Lucozade at the beginning of April 2017 which reduced the sugar content and replaced it with Aspartame.

    Existing stocks were still in circulation and this was the ‘normal’ bottle I had bought.

    Now, I admit to having liked Lucozade. Being something I only ever took as a child when I was ill, I had bought bottles just to drink because I liked the taste, even when my family asked “Are you feeling sick?”

    I’m intolerant to Aspartame, despite what scientists say. I have to be very careful to only drink water as I don’t know what I will be served if I ask for a cordial. Basically I avoid sugar-free drinks. Most of them contain Aspartame.

    So, despite what the scientists say, some artificial sweeteners do affect people and affect them quite severely.

    Lucozade advertised the change … on their website. There was no “New Recipe” flash on the bottles, they all still read “Original”.

    If you suffer from headaches and you don’t know why, consider taking a food and drink intolerance test. Ask your doctor for advice.

    I also found out that I shouldn’t eat eggs, iceberg lettuce, chocolate, pork, ham or gammon, to name a few.

    If I decide to try something new, I check the ingredients first. If it has an artificial sweetener, I put it back on the shelf.

  7. Even if you don't believe in the research of aspartame safety, the fact remains sugar, our regular sucrose-fructose, wreaks havoc on our bodies and it's not disputed except by the sugar lobby. So controlling your urge for sweet foods is always an option if you doubt aspartame research.

  8. Stevia is one of the best – but also costly – made from stevia leaves.
    Heat and cold stable and no off taste.

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