As Deadly Wildfires Rage in California, a Look at How Global Warming Fuels Decades of Forest Fires

– In California, powerful winds and bone-dry conditions are fueling massive wildfires. A state of emergency has been declared in northern areas as the fires have left at least 17 people dead, destroying whole neighborhoods and forcing 20,000 people to evacuate their homes. The wildfires come after the U.S. Forest Service warned last year that an unprecedented 5-year drought led to the deaths of more than 100 million trees in California, setting the stage for massive fires. Climate scientists believe human-caused global warming played a major role in the drought. We speak with Park Williams, bioclimatologist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and co-author of a 2016 report showing that global warming is responsible for nearly half of the forest area burned in the western United States over the past three decades.

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  1. This is a black eye for US, 600 billion budget for military each year and no fire fighting planes other than a few planes that are useless because there is not enough of them. Many people believe that those fire are good for the economy so again the wildlife is paying for greedy people who will benefit from the reconstruction. Canada has great planes to fight fire why not ask for assistance ???????????????

  2. Typical leftists! Blaming others for EXACTLY what THEY are guilty of. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.Too bad the global warming models have been proven incorrect. STOP THROWING YOUR DOOBIES OUT THE WINDOW, that'll stop forest fires. Remember what Smokey the Bear said "Only you can stop forest fires".

  3. Has anyone considered the fact that we have continually fought forest fires. Now wooded areas are so packed, it is harder to contain them. In nature, forest fires are allowed to burn freely until they go out. But global warming.

  4. Analysis of the Schumann resonances confirms erratic increases, globally, of lightning discharges: Burning forests, imminent methane releases … all good for the prospects of a decent chance of human survival past a few more decades.

    I wonder if elon musk is done yet terraforming Mars.

  5. Incidentally (not that many people will care, I'm sure), but that's an awful lot of animals being burned to death as well as people … and barely to mention the added inconveniences of needing more oil to burn for rebuilding works.

  6. Globalists intentionally created these massive disasters for the purpose of
    destroying homes, lives…

    Under the United Nations Agenda 21 Americans will NO longer be allowed
    to own their own homes, single family homes MUST go as they are not
    sustainable. We selfish Americans will never give them up, so, fires, hurricanes…

    Cars gotta go as well, destroying the climate, the very end is quite

    Australian Politician Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21
    The Year is 2030, own nothing couldn't be happier

    2030 Agenda

  7. Global warming? I thought the correct term now was climate change. Get your stories straight morons. By the way, Northern California is always bone dry this time of year because it doesn't get any rain in the summer.

  8. Climate scientist Paul Beckwith asked the question – were some of these intentionally set, as they started approximately at the same time. Just haven't seen this question addressed anywhere.

  9. remember when we thought 2016 was bad? look at this shit, our planet is fighting back. first the hurricanes, now the worst wildfire recorded in history. for all we know, the world could end any day now.

  10. Global worming my ass…..You stupid liberals!!!! Stop removing dams in California so fire fighters can use airplanes and helicopters, before fire spreads out. Stupid Brown removing 3 dams on Klamath river in 2020. They going to destroy two reservoirs Iron gate and Copco Lake. Keep voting for this mother fucker. Liberalism is a mental disorder and it is fact !!!

  11. 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are CAUSED by humans. 10 percent, by lightning or lava. Statistical Picture of Arson ProsecutionsArson cases are the least often, least effectively prosecuted criminal offenses in America. At the same time, arson cases are the single largest dollar loss crime in America, exceeding the total of all burglaries, thefts and armed robberies combined. The clearance rate nationally in arson cases is under ten percent. The conviction rate nationally, as a percentage of the incidence of arson, is under one percent. An arsonist has a ninety-nine percent statistical probability of escaping conviction for his crime.

  12. Yep its ture you watch any American mainstream news and it's very obvious, that's it's no coincidence that America is by far the biggest contributer tobgobally warming and it's population is by far the most ignorant in the world about how it works, I learnt about gobally warming back in the 90s in primary school, thanks for slowly killing the world America

  13. I wonder what kind of fuel you all burn that keep bringing up the global warming topic oh we are burning fossil fuel right now

  14. Its called Geo-engineering Ms. Goodman. But you will never mention it. Why? Houses disintegrates with steel and aluminum? And trees 10 feet away are still intact? How? Its not global warming. But your bosses tell you what to say right Amy?

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