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  1. I wonder how many people know Jamie Lee Curtis (star of the original Halloween ) is the daughter of 1950s movie stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (of Psycho shower scene fame).

  2. for the chose your own adventure movie. how many people will try to speed run it to make the movie run ten minutes

  3. Im just gonna say it…winter soldier is still the best mcu movie…and killmonger is still the best villian…im not ripping infinte war im just saying though

  4. JESUS FUCKING CROIST…..Why every time you go off topic you cut i would've love to hear where that slenderman thing was going im always hyped for the banter only to get let down its been too long since ive been to the edge of death by mere laughter or ricky turning red and crying….

  5. Yeah watch out with that Jurassic World trailer. Pretty spoiler heavy. I couldn't avoid it because it's in front of Infinity War. Otherwise I'd of liked to have missed it.

  6. The Reason Comedian's are great with Horror films is because they are the Darkest Humored people in the world, that translates well to Horror… as they say, there is a fine line between comedy and insanity…

  7. Final destination 3 did the choice based story as an alternate way to watch the film. It was meh

  8. Anyone who gave this movie a rotten score are piece of shits that only want bring down the greatest achievement in cinema history. Fucking idiots.

  9. oh joy, another marvel movie. i cant wait to watch it 9 months from now on Netflix when i run out of other shit to watch

  10. Accidentally saw it in 3D I’d highly recommend it. The cgi budget for this movie had to be insane, if your eyes work 3D is amazing

  11. II really liked it! I hadn't liked a single Marvel movie since Captain America: The winter soldier. Marvel movies are usually generic, and garbage. This one was good 8/10

  12. Reviewers are mainly a blight in todays society, they scrutinize a movie and only look for what a perfect movie looks like in general, and not looking at what the movie is truly about or what its genre does best, case in point go see a movie and judge it yourself

  13. The movie made me mad beyond belief stupid, hulk wasn’t the hulk but was in a hulk buster stupid. They had the key to win the entire time and didn’t use it. They didn’t use the time stone like it was supposed to be used, nobody chopped off thanos arms, if ant man was in this movie it would of been over when they faught thanos. I feel like the movie was a spit in my face tbh. They have all he power they need and never use it. Beyond aggravating. I feel like the movie could be made 10xs better. The whole movie was just ugh. Star lord fucked it up 2 times, dr.strange won’t use the time stone, scarlet witch is fucking annoying aggravateing and wait until last min to destroy the stone right in front of thanos. The hulk would never come out, they need the hulk like some hoes. The only time he’s actually hulk is in the beginning. If you watch this movie you will be disappointed. FACT!

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