Best Buy Calls The NYPD Police On A Man Trying To Return A Digital Camera – QuietBoyMusik

Best Buy Calls The NYPD Police On A Man Trying To Return A Digital Camera – QuietBoyMusik

The NYPD arrives @4:56

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Im being framed!!! 🖼 I guess this is my indoctrination into #freedom fighting. Cant be a true freedom fighter that made any real noise without the #government coming to set you up and put a stop to you exposing #injustice. Mama I Made It!! 🎓 They say Im #guilty, I say Im non-#violent #nonviolent. #WTH? They are saying I assaulted this woman and caused a bruise on her arm but still havent provided the tapes from the 10+ #nypd cameras 🎥 that were right above us no further than 35 feet away when this #assault allegedly happened. [email protected]#$% Why won’t they produce the tapes 📼??!!??? Why would the #nypd steal my cell #phone without a #warrant after I recorded the incident?? Would any one believe me If I said that this random woman walking on a huge sidewalk walked into me and lined me up to get hit by her hand as she walked by me? After her doing this, she stops police and tells them that I “hit her wrist”. Nah. Probably no one. Damn… Here goes a true government set up in the flesh. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👿💩👹👿👿👿👿 Its set up to make smart people sound crazy. Falsified the report of my statement and what I told the police??? Im facing 2-7 years because of this #fake #sephora @sephora #makeup bruise. They goin in huh? Wonder what her testimony will be? The Kicker: The court issued NO ORDER OF PROTECTION against me for the alleged victim. If Im so violent and such a threat to the lady then why wouldn’t the #judge issue an order of protection?? Also, the defense attorney told me that ALL 4+ #nypd #counterterrorism cameras were inoperable and not working on the day of the incident. Funny, the cameras are right next to the Mayor’s office, One Police Plaza and the #boardofeducation, but none of them worked. Ironic. 🤔🤔🤔 #NewYorkers should feel very safe #keepnycsafe #blacklivesmatter #policebrutality


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Police are corrupt and the NYPD has been “on my a$$” (ODB voice) for a few years now.

To date, I’ve been wrongfully arrested and charged with crimes I NEVER committed 12 times already starting from 2013. 8 of those 12 cases have been dismissed in my favor.

Currently, I am facing a slew of bogus criminal charges (felony and misdemeanor) and need all the help I can get in obtaining a paid defense lawyer. I AM 100%%%%%% innocent.

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I’m doing what hasn’t been done. I’m taking my youtube viewers on a journey inside of my personal life and inside the criminal “justice” system all the while exposing the inner workings, corruption, and fukery perpetuated by police officers, correction officers, lawyers, district attorneys and judges. Go check out my other videos as they are guides. I truly hope you learn something from my legal successes and set backs. NYPD protest.

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  1. How many times you've been getting this verbal knockout around NY in a stupid way , this is ridiculous😯.

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