Beyond Comprehension the REAL Alien Agenda Has Been Discovered DOCUMENTARY

One of the most puzzling aspects of the UFO mystery has always been the alien agenda. What do they want and what’s their end game? The majority of all abduction victims claim that Grey aliens are the ones responsible, with other testimonies including praying-mantis-like, reptilian, and other humanoid beings, such as Nordics.

The evidence suggests that the aliens are creating a hybrid species using a mixture of human and alien DNA. So what is the goal of this integration program after they successfully breed and integrate their hybrids? Many people want to believe that all ETs are here to help us and that the universe is filled with enlightened beings who have humanity’s best interests at heart. It can be quite a surprise to learn that this is not the case.

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Written by lena

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  1. My near death story when my heart stopped backs up the Orion theory and the possibility we are in a system and biological combined AI

  2. NO wonder they treat us like animals… Because we are. Most of you barely manage the tittle of sentience.

    A Dolphin is literally more advanced than most of you.

  3. Humanity can handel disclosure. It is the anger towards governments and the military fear for their constant lies belittleing people. Why because they fear the loss of power. This is the truth. Also why they keep many technolical advancements. We do not need to use oil or coal for our power or transportstion. The American government along with its allies what to keep their populations dumb. But evolution has other plans. As from 1900 governents along with religion demand we must follow them to close our eyes hear nothing say even less. Or you will die and go to hell. This paridym still is used.

  4. If you can't come to grips with the fact that your bald, and wear a crazy looking hair hat. Shut the fuck up. How can I take you seriously?

  5. Why they don't take over our world? Because just like we have laws down here, they have laws up there. The Galactic federation won't allow it

  6. I had a close encounter in Pennsylvania. I reported it to MUFON. It was a black triangular craft that hovered oversomeones house and when I got put of my car it shot horizontal to milescaway within seconds with no sound. My boyfriend was with me and saw everything too. Blew our fucking minds lol

  7. I saw this cartoon. It was two dolphins talking and one was telling the other, " they took me up to their ship and stuck me with needles and did strange things to me."

    I think if it's really true it's disconcerting to say the least. But until impericle evidence exists, it's difficult to move beyond someone's stated experience.

  8. My arm was cut open too and healed back just like dude said. I was abducted by a Grey. I've been abducted by aliens three times. Derrel Sims knows about my cases. He is on Youtube. The Alien Hunter. Check him out. He is x CIA and private investigator into alien abduction. He is my friend. He knows more than anyone I know of.

  9. Are U sure that these "aliens" aren't HUMANS who are manipulating DNA with other species….which explains the strange insectoid or reptilian human like creatures…….and also Nordics are enhanced humans by these people who are playing with the DNA to make a more perfect human….

  10. Who fucking knows, I've seen things but I have no memories of being abducted but I do have a memory of something being in my room when I was about 4 and remembering thinking, what is ET doing in my room coz I'd not long seen the movie and it was the only thing I could relate it to and assumed that most of my life, but now I'm not so sure

  11. ok lets use some human logic , if a species can travel fast than light , I would think they can manipulate most objects in there home solar system galaxy ect , why would they need anything from earth , if they wanted water they can take Europa , if they wanted minerals they could mine asteroids , the problem with planets are they have too much gravity , not worth it to even care about them, its funny we class a planet a the best , when for space expo they are the worst . when we become a spacefaring race and mining and elements and everything we need is all over without getting our asses kicked by gravity , I think after we start having births in space , on moons ect , we will adapt quickly (few generations), what the hell would a alien race want us for besides food or really pain in the ass labor force , doomed to rebel when ever they can ,, I wish ,but right now we are alone, and only we will save this world and mankind , not some magic alien dust. I am sorry I don't mean to disrespect or be hurtful , just as honest as I can

  12. Their agenda is to milk the pussy juice from the finest earth bitches in order to fuel they flying saucers.

  13. You have to remember one thing! on this earthly plane, there are good people and bad people works the same for Aliens, astral beings and all different dimensional and otherworldly entities! We are not alone!

  14. So the aliens are behind white genocide? Are the jews just their pawns? And how does any of this explain why they're turning the frogs gay?

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