BIG THINGS around the corner for VEGAN ACTIVISM in the UK April 2018

Official animal rights march – 25th August:

AV Worldwide meetup – 26th August:

UK Vegan Campout:

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Best Drum and Bass 2015 (Creative Commons) uploaded by BestDnB (all credits in his description with timestamps to track)

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. It hurts me when people put down an activist who has been brave enough to step out into the streets, and TRY
    Please people have a bit of compassion…. We're not all masters of the streets and talking to people but it's a
    Learning code for both the activist and the public… Be it good or bad. Let's not knock the confidence out of any
    Activist deliberately…. And let's learn by our mistakes when we talk to meat eaters we've all lost our patients at
    Some point in our life's.. Let's all learn from our mistakes, but not be so cruel to an activist who has grown the
    Guts to get out there and learn how to do it all….. Every activist will fall along the way and we need pick them up
    Not kick them down to the ground.. Especially if your sat behind a keyboard feeling inflated and tough and brave. It's like putting a wire on a couple on blind date and ya sat there tuning in and constantly whispering oh
    No don't say that say this, oh you idiot what did you just say, or smile more relax more. Nothing worse it's nerve
    for some people have compassion, or if you think you can do it better naturally then get out there, YOUR needed.
    It's a hard job for every one of us daily.

  2. Pick your fellow vegan up don't kick them down… We need them. To me it's like kicking Jesus down as he carried cross a long that long road when all along he meant well for everyone. Sorry to go down the Catholic
    Route, born and raised a Catholic but that's another STORY !

  3. Nice video. I'll definitely be at the London march, I've made a big banner already and got a hoodie for it. I'm coming alone but I need help carrying the banner because it's wide.

    Everything vegans do when they talk openly about it all is positive, a voice for the animals.

  4. Thanks, guys. Great job. Came on to tell you of the growth of AVs here in the SW – Taunton, Weston S-Mare, Bath, Bristol, Glastonbury, Devizes – have all sprung up in the last few months. May be more by the time I've finished typing this! 🙂
    Looking forward to the Animal Rights March on the 25th August – and I reckon the AV meet-up on the 26th is going to be mammoth!

  5. The animals are murdered by the billions. We humans are the worst. Me me me, what about the animals, and the planet, and the sea life, plastic … we need to change, and grow up. We need to change together, …
     Bonobos and gorillas are 'vegan',  they never have cancer in the wild !!! Gentle creatures, not like chimpanzees🤪, they are killers, monkeys 🐒 . Lions 😸and bears 🐻 and wolves 🐺 at short (4-6) guts. Gorillas 🦍 and bonobos, gazelle and stuff, are are ‘vegan’, their guts are long (10-16) guts 😬😬😬. We eat the wrong stuff, our teeth rotten, you go to dentist… The other animals they are clean, They never brush their teeth, and they’re fine, and they’re healthy ! YouTube it.
    Really graphic !!!‘When Chimpanzees Attack’They will Kill You YouTube it
    ‘Cannibal: The Real Hannibal Lecters (Full Documentary) – Real Stories’Real Stories YouTube it. Graphic !!
    Omnivore, cancer 50%💀/😐. Cost more.Vegan, cancer 4% 💪😃…. Doesn’t cost more.
    Love each other, be kind to the animals, go vegan. Curry is my favourite meal in the evening .

    ‘Turning the Clock Back 14 Years’ YouTube ! Its brilliant !!!
    'Body Odor & Diet' YouTube ! Brilliant !!!

    "PORK!! The consequences of eating it!!" Shalom2all100  YouTube !!!!!  It is disgusting !!! Tapeworms all over !!! All over !!! …  worms in their brains, humans/pigs  !!!!

    My vegan story and high blood pressure resolution!'Chris P'  YouTube !!!! Brilliant !!!!

    'Meat vs Vegan Bodybuilding Diet with Jon Venus and Nimai Delgado'Nimai Delgado YouTube !!!! Nimai never touch meat, vegan at birth !!! He is strong , really strong, and he's never had steroids !!! Brilliant really brilliant !!!! YouTube !!!

    'STUNNING RESULTS from BIGGEST DIET/NUTRITION STUDY EVER: Cornell University'Markus Rothkranz . Really, really, really brilliant !!!!!!… YouTube !!!

    ‘Bacon and Botulism’ Dr. Gregor, Science. Disgusting 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 YouTube

    ‘Pork tapeworms on the brain’  Disgusting 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 YouTube

    ‘Avoiding epilepsy through diet’ Disgusting 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 YouTube 

    ‘Eating Outside Our Kingdom’  brains… Disgusting 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 YouTube

    ‘Migratory Skin Worms from Sushi’ Disgusting 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 YouTube

    ‘Fecal Contamination of Sushi’ . Disgusting 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 YouTube

    ‘Turning the Clock Back 14 Years’ Go vegan !!! YouTube
    They’ve done nothing wrong, on the animals, tortured, poor, poor cows. Pus🤢🤮🤮🐮🐷🐣🥛💊🤪⚰️… Slaughter, Holocaust 💀💀💀🐮🐮🐮. Go vegan, save the Earth 🌏 🦍🐵🐨🐼🐦🐤🐔🐘🦒🐏🐃🦓🐪🐄🐐🦌🦃🐿🐫…

  6. Hey guys. Watch the Rich Roll podcast with Nathan from Mercy for Animals to hear about a story of a cow who had a few calves before and because she knew what happened to her babies, when she had twins, she kept one hidden and kept feeding it to try and save it. I think that could be a very powerful story to add to your awesome outreach for those who don't believe animals are intelligent and worthy of saving.

  7. Jordan you're a bad influence 😂 but if it's waking people up, go for it. Look forward to you both collaborating and to see Ross's channel.
    We had a march in Sydney on Saturday after the screening of dominion. We didn't have a permit and hundreds of us marched through the city. The police came on board and stopped the traffic to allow us to continue, it was so good. At the end of the march we held a cube with 100 people in the cube and so many doing outreach, it was epic ✌️

  8. Love this video and your style Jordan man. Im sure i've met Rossie Dreads before, does he work on music festivals and gigs?

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