Bill Nye the FAKE Science Guy On Climate Change – Can’t Answer Basic “Settled” Science Question

Tucker Carlson Brutally OUTS Bill Nye as a Fake Science Fraud- ‘You Don’t Know!’: Tucker and Bill Nye Clash on Climate Change – Bill Nye the Science Guy believes that climate change skeptics suffer from “cognitive dissonance,” which prevents them from accepting how man-made global warming affects their lives. On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Nye argued that many people prefer to bury their heads in the sand instead of accepting evidence that conflicts with their preexisting worldviews. “The evidence for climate change is overwhelming, so we’re looking for an explanation for why you guys are having so much trouble with it,” Nye said.

An intolerant, mean-spirited, condescending, and arrogant Bill Nye the “science guy” clowned himself on national TV Monday night, with a big assist from FOX News host Tucker Carlson, who simply asked Nye questions about the dubious claims of global warming scientists about so-called “climate change.”

Nye appeared following comments he made on Monday in a Facebook Live event with Soviet-style socialist Bernie Sanders that anyone who doesn’t worship at the alter of the false progressive god of global warming is a “climate denier” who suffers from psychological delusions.

Carlson explained to Bill Nye, who despite his stage name is not a real scientist (he has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and is a former comedian who played a scientist on TV, PBS, of course, to brainwash children with taxpayer dollars) that he understands the climate is changing and that it always has, but questioned the degree to which mankind contributes, if at all, and he simply asked Nye to explain his phony science.

As you can see in the video clip below, Nye becomes visibly angry when asked to back up his “science” in manmade global warming, refusing to give a percentage number that represents mankind’s contribution (because there isn’t one), all while simultaneously claiming (Al Gore, anyone?), that “the science is settled” and that the “evidence is overwhelming.”

Carlson tried to generously throw Nye lifelines throughout the interview, like asking him what the weather would be like without mankind’s supposed contribution. Nye pulled a story out of his posterior that we’d be somehow be stuck with the exact same weather as it was in 1750 with no change in climate since then, giving absolutely zero science to back up his argument.

Again, without supporting evidence, the phony scientist argued that climate change is now occurring at a “catastrophically fast” rate, a total faith-based claim.

“So much of this you don’t know!” Tucker shot back. “You pretend that you know, but you don’t know. And you bully people who ask you questions!”

Of course, like most progressive leftists, Nye cannot demonstrate the science proving his belief in his fake pagan religion, he’s left with just repeating the mantra like an overpaid George Soros-paid puppet on a string, that the “science is overwhelming.”

Watch Bill Nye get owned by Tucker Carlson below. And all it took were a few questions.

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  1. Tucker is a hypnotized puppet. I bet he has less that 1/100th the knowledge on the subject as Nye. His point was "you can't tell me the exact state that something would be in if not acted upon by force A, thus force A doesn't exist."

    See how it sounds "you can't tell me exactly how many people would be alive today if they hadn't smoked cigarettes. Yet you tell me you know they are unhealthy?" Yes. Yes I do.

    Or, "You can't tell me exactly how long a car will go without changing the oil, yet you think you can say that not changing the oil is bad?" Yes. I can say that.

    And we can say that climate change is influenced by humans without being able to give the exact numbers.

    Fact: Tucker doesn't understand the science. I dont. The reader (probably) doesn't. Maybe Nye doesn't either.

    Fact: 97-98% of climatologists believe humans have are having a significant impact on the changing climate.

    Could the 2% be right? Yes, but it's far less likely than a 2% chance. (There is always a radical fringe, no matter how settled the science)

    So, given that, let's get our grandchildren's future planet on that chance. This is logical, right? No.

    I say he is a hypnotized puppet because he doesn't control his own thinking. He has identified as a Republican and thus to maintain his identity he MUST go along. BOTH SIDES of the political game are hypnotized. Read about cults and see that most of the psychological factors at work are also at work in politics.

    Democrats and Republicans alike are just two huge cults now.

    Meanwhile the only planet we have goes to ruin.

    Our great grandchildren will look at stuff like this and be sad and confused.

  2. Climate change is brought up by the people in charge and if global change is man made its their falt! Industries and all i dont think the average Joe owns that! And cars well im prety sure if car that ran with water were on the market he'dd have that!! Its the greedy fucks in charge that are creating all this!

  3. Yo I’m with not taking Nye at his word since he’s not a scientist… But what the hell Carlson, he answered your questions and you sounded like a kid arguing with a parent that doesn’t wanna let you eat ice cream. Quit talking over the man! This is why I can’t even watch Fox News.

  4. Man is but a brief observer of Earth's climate, not the cause. The vast history of climate science LIES is undeniable.

  5. 1:58 Carlson: "the core question, as far as I can tell, is 'why the change?'… "
    The scientists that first identified fossil-CO2 as the source of this change, did so before any change was detectable. Writing in the late 19th century, they predicted that fossil CO2
    would cause 'global warming' because its been known since 1856 that CO2 dramatically warms the Earth, and at pre-industrial levels (280ppm) is the sole reason this planet is not a frozen ball of ice. (btw: in the distant past co2 practically disappeared from the atmosphere and guess what Earth became? ball of ice.)

    Carlson is unconvinced, 120-180 years after scientists first identified fossil CO2 as the likely source of unnatural FUTURE warming. Is that because he knows more than the science community? Or is it because big fossil fuels pays him to register his 'skepticism' about it.

    120 years ago, Arrhenius calculated that if CO2 doubled in the atmosphere, due to fossil fuel burning, then the temperature of Earth would increase by 2 to 6 C. This calculation took him all winter because he had to do it by hand (today, a computer could do it in a second or so). Today, the best estimate of that climate sensitivity is 2 to 4.5 C. Why hasn't that sensitivity estimate changed (much) since Arrhenius first made it in 1896? Because sometimes the answer science gets is the actual answer. In that case, this estimate hasn't changed because it CAN'T change. If this turns out to be the case, then Nye is right: this is a very serious problem, and Carlson is doing future humanity a HUGE disservice by publicizing doubt about it.

    Since Carlson seems to know so much more about the Science than the Scientists do, why isn't he being asked the obvious question: What IS the sensitivity of Earth to a doubling of CO2? Answer the question, Mr Carlson, and show your work.

  6. Nye IS a scientist. He's an aerospace engineer and worked at Boeing before he became an educator. He's also the CEO of the Planetary Society who are developing lightsail spacecraft propulsion.

  7. Dear Carlson,

    I'd like to say that your questions here were slightly misleading. Maybe he just wasn't answering appropriately, I don't know for sure. My view on this is that humans haven't necessarily "accelerated" climate change in the sense you may be thinking. Like as if the climate was 100% going to be like it it today, but just later in time. Like the same path of climate to now would have been the same, yet it just happened sooner.

    I think we've disturbed the flow of the climate, where as our Carbon emissions are helping to heat our ecosystem whereas that may not have been the initial fate set out by the planet alone. Without engines and other gases being emitted into our air, the planet could potentially be cooling off instead. The point is that we're causing a change to happen, not speeding up the current change.

    Hope this makes sense 🙂

  8. Bill Nye is an actor playing a scientist, he is NOT a real scientist, he is in fact a fake scientist. The opposite of climate change is climate stability. Has that ever existed ??? No. Voila, there is your answer.

  9. Bill Nye is typical dumb atheist. Their style wud be to resort to name calling and demonising people who dont agree to their hideous agenda. They used to do it to human ape evolution thing now they are doing it to climate.
    Dumb bill nye is not a sciene guy he is a science fiction guy

  10. The evidence for climate change is indeed overwhelming, just like the evidence for the earth being round. If you actually want to research you can. Cognitive dissonance is exactly what's happening. This dude get paid to poke holes… Put down whatever tribal flag you're waving and look into this. Make your own conclusions

  11. This dude is an asshole sitting here not letting him finish explaining himself and then telling him that is a wrong answer…. This is what people do they hear one thing they wanna hear and focus on it. He can't legitimately hold a conversation, he is just trying to discredit bill nye. I mean really it is simple we would need to estimate what is the c02 emissions produces by one person for any amount of time then multiply it by the amount of people. Next would be to test for how much c02 is being added by industry and cars, and then find out the current planetary c02 levels and subtract. We could even go a little bit more in detail if we tried to calculate how much c02 is recycled by plants atm and adjust our sum. I mean like it's alot more than it was in 1750. I would bet the actual number is beyond ridiculous and there is no way to deny the numbers, but yet you don't see anyone on tv with a piece of poster board and a marker doing the math. They just wanna blindly fight about it for viewers (Oooo the drama!) This is all a scam for money only pieces of what they say are actually true or even news and really it has nothing to do with informing you.

  12. There’s actually no evidence of global warming. True scientists say this themselves. They don’t say it doesn’t exist, but that evidence doesn’t show that it does.

  13. What a ginormous fucking douchebag lol nothing he asked was a "basic" question and for Bill to put it into "basic" fucking terms for you is difficult enough as it is. Adding to the fact that it takes 6 seconds to interrupt him… "you conceded that fact" lmao you meant he "asserted", so Bill also has to deal with deciphering your English as you do not know how to speak it either, jackass.

  14. He's asking him a fucking meaningless question what would it be like if we weren't here we'll news flash we are here you idiot you are just doing it to try get a rise from him shame on you fox news he's an old man ffs.

  15. if anyone here thinks that global warming is happening then they should know of at least 1 piece of evidence that isnt
    in the form of science papers or graphs , with the current climate changes that dont show any warming but do show cooling
    its really difficult to believe anyone who "CLAIMS" that global warming is actually happening at all.
    Please post some evidence of anything that you might know of if you want anyone other than yourselves to believe also.

  16. If Bill Nye can "CLAIM" that humans have caused the rate of climate change to accelerate then he SHOULD KNOW THE RATE
    OF CHANGE OF ACCELERATION , he doesnt know it … so his claim is false , the rate of change is what Carlton was asking him the entire video yet the "scientist" ??? doesnt know what the rate of change is.
    ie… if a 0.02 F global temperature increase is observed within a 100 year time period.
    then the rate of change would be 0.02 F per 100 years.
    if the normal rate of global temperature change is 0.01 F over a 100 year time period then the
    change that could be accredited to other than natural climate changes would be 0.01 F over the 100 year period.
    WHY COULDNT BILL NYE THE FAKE SCIENCE GUY provide us with the rate of change that is purported to be
    due to human interaction.

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