Black Leaders Debate Tensions Between Civil Rights Activists | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

In a Special Report marking the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, three generations of civil rights leaders discuss how the movement for racial equality has changed. Black Girls Rock’s Beverly Bond, Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors, activist DeRay McKesson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Marc Morial and member of the Little Rock 9, Melba Beals, join Ari Melber at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York.
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Black Leaders Debate Tensions Between Civil Rights Activists | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Written by lena

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  1. Nice work Ari. It's MLK day and they playing nice. NAACP might as well be the NCAA. Most of these people and organizations left us behind.

  2. Living in the Past….1748 thinking…white, black, red, yellow, chimps and orangs… The youngins want to think (pretend) that FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH was written about them. Go to school, get an education. Learn what Racialism, Racialist, Racist and Racism is in Fact. And not thinking that beliefs or feelings justify changing meanings or definitions. We all just homo(s)…Bonobo brown.

  3. To me…Spanky has split this country, pitted citizen against citizen by encouraging underlying bigotry & violence like I haven't seen since the 60s. All the good works & progression to accept anyone as an equal has regressed decades. We must rid ourselves of this plague which is poisoning our nation. Get out & vote democrat in the midterms, governor & special elections. Don't ever think your vote doesn't count. Here in southwestern PA, Conor Lamb won by only 500 some votes & he did it on a shoestring budget.

  4. What a joke!! Activist= loudmouth. These people are poverty pimps. They attempt to profit from the fake civil rights movement. Black lives matter, more like Black Lesbians Madder. These fake "leaders" have no message, no real plan, and no end game. They just want to keep talking in circles, and producing nothing. The true answer for "blacks" is culture cultivation. We need to abandon these fake "leaders", and their socialist/ communist groups with their BS messages. B4 "black" ppl talk abt uniting everyone, they need to unite with one another through real culture. Not this BS.

  5. Did white trash meth heads from Kentucky gentrify Harlem? No liberal whites did! Did the KKK push for massive violence in Baltimore and Chicago. No liberal whites did! Those cities have been under control of progressive regimes for decades. Liberal whites white-washed Portland and Seattle pushing out people of color! They call it pricing out. It's just a new refined reformulated and reimagined racism. They create new genders and bring new gentrification to working-class minority neighborhoods everyday! Free your mind. Fight the Power!

  6. Black people need new leaders. Their so-called leaders have been bullshittin them and the rest of the country for the last 40 years. Fortunately, most people don't take them seriously anymore.

  7. ""Black Lives Matter" should have had a different name." says Eric Holder? The name does not matter. People who are going to be negative about this movement are going to be negative. Those who embrace this movement, will continue to do so, no matter what the name.

  8. A white friend of mine marched in the first three B.L.M. marches in N.Y.C.. He stopped bothering after being told repeatedly that he should keep his mouth shut and only allow black people to say something. Basically they told him that he was a nameless, faceless white body making up part of the masses and his job was to be there and keep quiet other than holding up a sign and chanting. He did not march to become a media star, he genuinely wanted to help with a horrible problem. Yet he expected a group of people who sought respect to be respectful- big letdown. He stopped marching and B.L.M. delegitimised itself in many ways by promoting that attitude. Hopefully they can turn it around by being inclusive, that remains to be seen.

  9. MLK died fighting for LABOR. If we had decent wages and income equality most of these issues wouldn't have metastasized. Solve the class problem and most of the race problem will evaporate.

  10. BLM are dumb trashy opportunist fools that are a DETRIMENT to advancing African American rights.
    Their politics and racist, militant attitude are EXACTLY what white nationalist/racist scum need to justify their positions.

    For example, Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali tweeting about killing "white people and police", aggression of BLM protesters towards other liberal, sympathetic protesters that are white and protesting in the same area, ugly, hostile racism and hostility towards white people and white women from supporters of BLM in comments and blogs "numerous comments about raping white women and killing white people" with no moderation and no correction from moderators/owners.

  11. Not many Trolls can comment, without revealing how RACIST they are. Hence: not many comments, at all . . . Smh

  12. Trump is TELLING us that he’s NOT our POTUS. He ONLY ATTACKS AMERICANS. With the exception of Kim, he goes after personalities, politicians, our institutions, law and order, and EVEN his OWN colleagues! The ONE thing Trump’s ENEMIES have in COMMON is that they are AMERICANS. Trump is BLATANTLY DIVIDING AMERICA. SMH

  13. At 6:02 – "… What happens when the situation requires a more MILITANT approach?"

    See what these media people are doing? They want a civil war.

    Stop the left before it's too late.

  14. The problem being that the Dems are Against Free Speech, Against Family, and only care about how they can use Talking Points vs Approved Laws to make life better for All Americans

  15. The biggest thing Black people can do to make life better is to take child psychological development courses to understand what children need in brain development between infancy and age 5 (hint: it is not dumping them in average daycare centers across the country), stop having children out of wedlock, stop having more children than they can care for.

    Despite the racist past of this country, Black Americans today are in a better position to have a decent quality of life than we've ever had. Yes, there is still racism. Yes, we still need to confront it and call attention to it. That said, there is so much outward hand-wringing and fist waving energy going on that we are neglecting our most prized possessions: Our Children. Most Black American children would be well served by stay at home mothers, homeschooling, or at the very least high-quality daycare (which is very expensive). All of those things require money which many Black American Women would be much more likely to have if they delayed conception, upped their education, looked for suitable men to marry (of any race) and had children after that. We are sending our children out into the world unprepared because we didn't create the circumstances to cater to their needs when they were very young: they are increasingly uneducated, lacking in tact and manners, and largely unhappy and unfulfilled (most of the time following in their parents' footsteps and repeating their mistakes).

    Statistically speaking, Black Americans (and Native Americans) are doing the worst per capita in this country than any other ethnic group. Yes, the legacy of racism plays a huge factor in that, BUT at what point do we look at what we do have under our control and act accordingly.

    Take care of your children and the future will take care of itself at this point.

  16. Yes 3 Generations, these are African Americans. They don’t speak for all melatonin people in America. Just because they the same tone of SUN ☀️ Screen doesn’t mean we are alike. They been diversifying the co-called Blacks for years to confuse or mix breed DNA aka Mind-control people in to working class. Poor Al Sharpton he do for self. It’s about to payoff.

  17. Great and much needed talk so that all sides can hash out their differences, yet know there is a need for all to play a part in fighting against racial injustices.

  18. Facism in all forms must be resisted. As a black man I always look at police with distrust. Prove to me you deserve my trust and I will give it to you. Trump is a racist, a bigot and a bully and he has made it OK for others to be so as well.

  19. The democrats are yhe ones who don't let you get out of the ghettos, who don't want you to have guns , free speech and they are the ones who put you all on jail

  20. Hi Ari.👋.
    Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart) reporting.👍👏👏👏👏👏☺.
    Keep on digging, Ari.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  21. Dr. King was in Memphis to fight for sanitation workers. Man- baby fights for rich white men to escape taxes.

  22. My message to black people when dealing with cops. Use common sense. Follow their orders, follow their commands and just comply. If you are not a criminal comply and shi t is good. Ahhhh, Little De De doesn't want to go to county lock up for the 29th time. Little De De is going to act like a wild baboon with multiple guns trained on him. Little De De gets shot for not following instructions and being aggressive and not showing his hands. Little De De made bad decisions that cost him his life. Be a civilized human being and show respect and common sense and you will be let free or have your day in court. I have been pulled over at least 30 times and never put in handcuffs or asked to step out of the car. I am also a law abiding citizen. Most black people…………….not so much!



  24. Got kicked out of blm for advocating gun ownership & self defense. dems hide their version of white supremacy behind a rolodex of colorist faces. Listen to the network constantly saying "Dark" in negative way. Ppl know both parties are racist & fighting for which political plantation treats negroes better is stupid. Considering Im Independent my wellbeing shouldnt be tied to how well tow party line. Its the political issues stupid. Then again yall in a zionist groupthink slumber simulation thinking yall woke & programmed to "bully"–attempting to discredit MI with nonsensical lies–any person especially of proud Dark Skin stock, so MI fit the bill. Yet yall make MI look so good thru yall collective "is we sick massa" repertoire.

  25. The sad truth is that there is a lot of racial bigotry in the BLM. Something they have only recently realized they are being too public about. If they still think that white people should not be allowed to sit in their presence, as they did at Berkely, deciding there are parts of campus where white students should not be allowed, attacking free speech events , acting like a racist gang.
    IF BLM can not reduce that aggression against supporters who are not black, they will eventually be seen as a terrorist group. And many former supporters will agree
    I have seen the racist attitude BLM has toward Asians, as well as whites.
    BLM requires a bit of self examination. It does not need to disappear but it has to curb its own racism. Pretending that it does not exist or that it is justified, makes the problem much worse. Turns it into something the more politically aware leaders will not be able to control.

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