Breaking: Global Warming Climate Model Completely Debunked

Lord Monckton joins Alex Jones via Skype to discuss recent discoveries, made by him and his team, that completely debunk the myth of human accelerated change in global climate.

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Written by lena

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  1. See Alex, we keep telling you that you interrupt constantly, and now your guests are just talking over you. STOP INTERRUPTING!

    WE HATE IT SOO MUCH. Just be quiet. What's the point if having guests is all we get to hear is what YOU have to say? UGH!

    Man it's so rude and just plain maddening that you still don't get it. I bet your guests talk about it all the time when you're not around.

    It's like you love yourself so much and you think we only want to hear what your ideas are.

    Please Stop. We know you love the sound of your own voice, but please, do it for the good of the show, and not your selfish desire for you to make sure we all know just how smart you are.

  2. he interrupts because the guy is soo long winded, takes him 50 fancy british words for what should take 5

  3. It's only a hoax until you actually go to places like India or Eastern China and get your ass cooked by the sun.

    The economic exploitation of the third world populations through industrialization has destroyed the stratosphere, no if ands or buts about this one.

    Not to mention how China likes to keep dumping their shit into the ocean, further contributing to the problem and not letting the earth heal itself E. G. algae epidemic.

    If there was any real insight, the Western powers would be swiftly dealing with anyone or any nation that is blatantly raping this planet. Money and power won't mean shit if we got no where to live.

  4. Hitlary Clingon lost because the people were so against the Devil running USA they came out in force to vote against his minions. The war is not over, it has just begun…

  5. 1. What is the average earth temperature? We need a goal right?
    2. Climate is always changing
    3. Other planets and moons have climate change too
    4.History has shown warmer periods such in the Mid Evil times
    5. If CO2 levels were rising, atleast we would be eating good because crop yeild would significantly increase.

  6. the most disturbing things about the green carbon thing is, NO ONE CAN LOCATE THE TRILLIONS THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN! SPENT

  7. Let's make a grimm prediction. The laboratories and scientists, mathematical equations that found these facts. Are about to have random industrial accident and maybe hydrologic engine failure at 10000 ft. EVIL HAS DEEP POCKETS

  8. I love how stupid Trump supporters are. And none of them have read Churchill. Monckton has been proven a liar it's obvious lol.

  9. This video and those that create and support it are feeding bullshit and confusion to a pool of those that are not clear minded enough to see through it. Alex's real purpose is to pocket as much money as he can until he finally exposes his true selve to enough people that he can no longer make big pay checks, then he will be off to some other deceptive endeavor.

  10. Bring it on man, there is a Nobel prize waiting for the person who can scientificly prove global warming is a myth. That person or persons will be world famous overnight. What a great si of relief that will be heard around the world. Please being forth all the truth so I can begin sleeping again. Oh, by the way, you are right about the increase in the ice cap at the south pole. As it turns out, the increase in fresh water from melting ice gets into the ocean and freezes back up at a higher temperture then salt water. This water begins freezing earlier in the fall then salt water, thus making a larger ice cap. An ice cap that contains a lot of fresh water ice. This is proven, but of course you will say scientist lie. ooh God, what are we mire mortals to do?

  11. this video is just two conservative ideologues jerking eachither off. if the peer review process is good, they wouldn't let crazy Monckton publish his ultra biased shit article

  12. In the 1700s in Britain there was a mini ice age there were no engines ,no factories ,and no industrial revolution to blame so no pollution taxes , but this was never mentioned in school history lessons !

  13. how hot has the states been this summer cause i havent heard anything about older peoplee dieing due to heat if they havent then its a lie but remember the last few years the states has been hot and people have been dieing from it that is a sign of gloanl warming and trump she be aware of that happing again

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