BUSH SLIPS UP – Bush Admits Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version)



BUSH SLIPS UP – Bush Admits to Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version)

September 11th Revisited is perhaps the most riveting film ever made about the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archived news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television. Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and Professor James H. Fetzer.

Bush’s speech on 9/15/06 at the White House Rose Garden:
For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people.” bush speech press information responsibility u.s. “united states” usa america 2015 2016 2001 history historic truth agenda humanity fire skyscraper nyc ny “new york” “new york city” lies design operation intelligence “american dream” explosion drama actor actors news media entertainment viral video proof facts “elite nwo agenda” chaos control power troops army “u.s. army” search survival trendy trending max keiser alex jones infowars we are change anonymous lindsey williams no planes 9/11 russia montagraph im your ghost g4t louis farrakhan end game collapse usd gold silver bilderberg 2015 bilderberg 2015 illuminati symbolism end times collapse

See and hear it for yourself straight from the horse’s ass, oops . . . I mean mouth, at the white house. After Obama took office this footage was wiped from the White House website. This is the only known existing record recovered from our own archive. In the video Bush says this, “For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.”

It sounds eerily like what happened at the WTC on 9/11. Was he referring that the “terrorists” planted explosives in the towers or that foiled plots had planned to use that tactic? Or was he referring to the WTC? this (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. 9/11 attacks an “inside job” received one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious prizes on Sunday, for “service to”. On September 11, 2001, Baker was at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC, for the annual investor conference of the Carlyle Group. Also present with Baker was Carlucci, “representatives of the bin Laden family,” and George H. W. Bush.[19] Carlyle had been doing business with the bin Laden family since the early 1990s. Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (2005) by Alex Jones

The destruction of the Twin Towers and other properties caused serious damage to the economy of Lower Manhattan and had a significant effect on global markets, closing Wall Street until September 17 and the civilian airspace in the U.S. and Canada until September 13. Many closings, evacuations, and cancellations followed, out of respect or fear of further attacks. Cleanup of the World Trade Center site was completed in May 2002, and the Pentagon was repaired within a year. Numerous memorials have been constructed, including the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York, the Pentagon Memorial, and the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania.

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  1. He even gets shocked that he is reading the truth, and he almost stops, that showed that there were explosions, he almost got scared to what he is reading then realized sentenced meant something else, but his reaction to the sentence explosion tells me a lot

  2. Bush should be grateful that the election of Donald Trump guarantees that he (GB) will not be at the top of the list anymore for "Worst president of all Time".

  3. So, you're saying the planes did not explode on impact?

    Besides, he's not even talking about 9/11. Look up the dude he's talking about, Muhammad.

  4. notice that these are all satanic khozarian arab jews who did these attacks like the entire bush cobal satanic pedophile bloodline who infiltrated America with aipac assistance and cash.

  5. You cannot trust your government if you think your government will not kill You, you need to research Vietnam Agent Orange Friendly Fire President Bush had nothing to do with 9/11 he knew about it he couldn't stop it would take an act of Congress because Congress can only declare war the commander and chief cannot declare war only Congress can do that look it up you don't believe it in the Library of Congress Google it the president can suggest War he cannot declare war. President Bush told us several times about 9/11 nobody paid attention as usual if the American people would have paid attention they would have learned that there was no way that President Bush was able to watch the first plane hit the World Trade Center if that was possible then that would mean but this is not a surprise attack because it wasn't recorded live didn't see it on TV in Florida. Does anyone know the protocol for the Secret Service when there is a terrorist attack on us soil? It ain't sitting in classroom in Florida that's for damn sure the president is to be immediately taken to safer ground weather by Air Force One Underground until further notice that's protocol for the Secret Service they have only one job and that is protect the president of the United States at all cost. The two planes that hit the Twin Towers in the ask you a question where are the engines at that were on both planes? Don't tell me that they melted that's not possible what happened to the plane that hit the Pentagon? You going to tell me two planes hit the World Trade Center and I'm going to ask you what happened the plane hit the Pentagon? What I really want to know is who's in charge of cleaning up the ground in Washington DC around the Pentagon because they done a damn good job I'm getting rid of them airplane and all the debris before live TV showed it.
    World Trade Center building number one and number two both were supposedly hit by hijacked commercial airliners Building 7 remember Building 7 it to fail what hit yet nothing they pulled it why?? I can believe what you want to I'm not a conspiracy theorist I'm just a fact September 11th 2001 I was told it was going to happen 3 months before it happened remember the emergency number I was told Saddam Hussein terror attack on the United States and then our first African American president Barack Hussain Obama why did that happen Saddam Hussein but we (the liberal snowflakes and Democrats) voting for Barack Hussein Obama makes all the sense in the world on it Saddam Hussein Barack Hussein that's who I want running my country if I was a Democrat dumbass liberal snowflake. I'm not taking up for Donald Trump he's our president because of one reason he had friends in the World Trade Centers he knows it was an inside job they all want us to blame Bush for it and Vice President Dick Cheney they knew all about it they couldn't stop it if they wanted to and live anyways. Vincent Foster Jr does anybody remember him he was found dead just outside of Fort Marcy Park which is outside of Washington DC it for his body that even cooled the local media had declared hit that the suicide the American people might have been more concerned had they realized one thing Vincent Foster Jr what's the second highest ranking federal official to die under questionable circumstances since John F Kennedy he was also Hillary Clinton's lover.

  6. That doesn't make any sense, if you wanted to stop more people from escaping you'd put them further down, not further up.

  7. Listen 9/11 was an inside job but Bush was not in on it. He read the text wrong…. he meant to say "explosives to be low to prevent escape". And besides planes hit the towers. "Explosives to be low enough so that the people above cannot escape"… is what he meant to say.. If you bomb the way out and the way in, then the people trapped above cannot be saved. "yes, explosives and holograms of planes were used"…. that shit is just batshit crazy.

  8. Bush and Cheney are mass murderers. Anyone who believes that a whole day of disaster that COMPLETELY defied the law of physics is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    CNN stock footage of Pentagon..If there was debris they surely would of honed in on it.

    .9/11: Explosive Evidence

    9/11 Pentagon Aftermath – Early Evening Damage From Heliport

    NEWS NO debris BOTH sites

    Let's not forget the Anthrax attacks and the letters to the leaders who opposed the Patriot Act and how they all of a sudden stopped after it was approved. The Anthrax used to lie us into war was traced to the White House's own backyard in Ft. Detrick, Maryland.
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  9. Fuck the government. It's bigger than George Bush. He was just their puppet for the time being. How the damn government bring down those 2 beautiful buildings. My family could've been in there. I don't live far from there just a few minutes away. Death to the new world order.

  10. after going back. to this, my question still is why was the sprinkler instillation not working. because i cant find not 1 video were people were soaking wet and covered in dust. why was there not a system that sucks smoke out of the building.

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