California Likely To Battle EPA Over Emissions Standards

Trump administration set to roll back tough Obama-era emissions standards for vehicles. Dave Bryan reports.

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  1. I am a trucker and own an older truck, it is reliable it provides a living for my family, but we would not deliver to California, as the Highway patrol are borderline nazis, putting trucks in good working order out of service for meager reasons wich do not impact safety, a damn teen swerving doimg 90 mph while on the phone is no threat but me driving an older diesel engine am a deth threat to these people, no wonder businesses are leaving that crazy place, you guys need to back up some of these retarded regulations.

  2. Why? California can set it's own standards. More ways to spend tax dollars instead of fixing the problems. Another way to spend tax money to attack Trump. No wonder CA is bankrupt and homeless, a bunch of DA democraps running the state. Wake up people, your party cares gor nothing that matters, and plans to do nothing about it. Elect those crooks out of office. You can complain about air quality as soon as they stop spaying you with chemicals, fix that freakin problem lawmakers. #BanFog

  3. California is joke! Fire tax, new road tax, mandatory sanctuary state? Wtf! The legal citizens of California don’t want this bull

  4. With the toxic air the have to breath out there they need to take matters into their own hands! They need to ban cars that pollute! They need to be very aggressive about making their air clean. The republicans are always talking about state authority and state self determination! However as we learned from the civil war that is only talk! I say let California determine for itself how many and what kinds of vehicles will be on it's roads. Sure everyone has a right to own a car and drive them where they want to, but no one has a right to pollute the environment to the point where peoples lives are severely impacted by health issues. It's the same thing as homicide when a person dies because you polluted the environment! We need to be thinking clearly and with common sense about these issues. Not pandering to the needs of wealthy corporations. People might have the right to earn billions of dollars, but not if it kills people! That's homicide not business.

  5. People are leaving California. Expensive and crazy illegals, criminals on a street with so many problems. California now belongs to Mexico and papa beer…Hola Amigo and Amiga Welcome.

  6. I love the liberal comments, from people who pay no smog tax in their states.

    Here in California we get screwed.

    I guess liberals think Mexicos SMOG stops when it gets to the border.

    If you don't live in California, just shut up.

  7. Protecting the environment should be paramount to any civilized nation. America is filled with greedy barbarians, unfortunately.

  8. well they where screaming for better carbon emmision and now realize the calculations are off what a bunch of idiots. Commiefornia just needs to fall into the ocean already they are a useless welfare state and one of the largest polluters.

  9. Dont forget California has one of the strongest economies in the world. Not just in the United States, but in the entire world. So California must be doing something right.

  10. For those who didn't know, California is the reason most vehicles are terrible today. Car companies have to meet their standards for being boring and safe before you can sell there. The rest of the country/world suffers as a result.

  11. Yet… The ozone layer/atmosphere is made as Swiss cheese with all holes by NASA/ ELON's musk's Space X if it's real. Lol okay.

  12. Thank you California for standing up for what is right. We need to think about this planet and not just ourselves. It is an investment for the future. Sadly the republicans in Washington only care about investments that make them profit. Just thank you CA 🙏

  13. This is the shit that makes no sense into why they would pass it unless theyre bad and corrupt people. Why are these people allowed to lead our country?

  14. President Psychopath (Trump) wants to kill this planet and people just to give the Top 1% more $$$. California voters get to decide they want clean air to breath and clean water to drink and not the sociopath in the White House.

  15. CA has a great environment full of homeless people and their effluent. I think that's worse than car exhaust emissions.

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