CARBON 60: Health Activism to Combat 5G, Big Ph_rma, Aerial Spraying, Radiation

Carbon 60 makes Good Things happen! Meet the scientist who developed Carbon60 Purple Power and hear about the amazing health benefits of this Super Natural substance, the most powerful known antioxidant, worth more than its weight than gold! After 6 weeks of taking Carbon60 Purple Power, I am amazed at the steady increase in my physical health, mental stamina, clarity of thought and focus and a general sense of well-being and zest for living!

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I had a Spectracell Micro nutrient (bloodwork) test done and found out I have a mutated gene called MTHFR. A lot of people have it and don't ever know it. It causes inflammation and high homocystine levels which are more dangerous than high cholesterol. No wonder I felt like I was dying. I started taking B12, B6 And a few more supplements. I ordered C 60 and now I can't believe I am even the same person!! I felt so sick I took early retirement and now that I'm better I will take on a part time job or dog sit. I haven't loved life so much since I was 21 and I'm 57 now. Thank you so much for introducing me to C60. Now I'm ready for whatever the future holds for the country, good or bad….I take a teaspoon a day. I hold it under my tongue for a few minutes.

  2. So how much do you take at one time? You said it last for 10 days so what do you take an ounce every 10 days? What size bottle should I get the 8 oz

  3. I just ordered Carbon 60. I am really looking forward to starting it. I did a lot of research on it and NOT ONE BAD REVIEW. I use cbd oil now and will add C60. Thanks so much for this educational video !!! You rock, sister !!!

  4. Ok I just ordered some C60! Always excited to try new products! I am also a cannabis caregiver and treat lots of dogs and humans.. But have witnessed amazing results with it!

  5. You hit on so many topics that I follow, but which go off the radar of many on the right and the left. And you're always on target. I also sense that you work deeper than that, but don't want to address it openly.

    I would love to talk briefly with you, if you like, but I don't know how to reach you? If you were on FB you could friend me that and we could connect that way, but I don't want to post contact info openly on the web.

  6. Hello YAFTV! Thank you for all your great information and your very positive tone! My husband and I got C-60 after hearing so much wonderful stuff through you and others. Then today I came upon this round table interview on Goldfish Report and have decided to stop taking the C-60. This is the link. The comments on C-60 are about 31 minutes into the broadcast. The information leading up to that will give context for why he mentions C-60. Again, much gratitude for your dedication!

  7. Urban Moving utube is banned here!!😠I found him on Gab! [email protected] on Gab! follow him, he's amazing! you are free, are you gonna gab, steemit bitchute? Patriots unite! where go one, there go ALL! screwtube is no longer on my watch list! Screw'em!!!!😠

  8. Hi … I sent in a question as to WHAT the daily dosage amount is and HOW long the 4 ounce bottle lasts to the "Contact Us" on the website link you mentioned and HAVE NOT received a response … could YOU please answer my two questions please? Thank you!!

  9. ORGONITE: To keep our personal energy from electromagnetic radiation and negative energies, etc., balanced, to make an orgonite with only three materials: aluminum, quartz and polyester resin (and a catalyst) isn't New Era, is science. It's made with 50% polyester resin, 50% aluminum and a quartz in the center, having it close to the desk, bed, TV, computer, etc.

  10. Hydrogen peroxide? Geez. But it resets itself so only need to take once every 10 days? Question everything especially when something is cooked up in private. Love you are free but so many channels pushing all these products .. getting kick backs/commissions? Woo woo magic? Six weeks would cost over $600..

  11. Wow….this must be good news from the Lord for saving humanity!!! Thank you…Lord n thank you guys!!!

  12. The interview's desire to attribute "powers" to C60 is utterly ludicrous. It is nothing more than a carbon molecule with unique properties. Come back to Earth.

  13. based on your video I placed three orders of carbon 60. I received one but have been charged for all three. I have not been able to contact anyone at the Purple Power company as they do not list a phone number. I have written twice with no response. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. I wish my best friend could afford this, or that I could afford it for her. She has severe Morgellons and debilitating Lyme and so does her daughter.

  15. You can buy a product called Toxic Buster on Amazon, that is what I use. By the way this product is a carbon 60 product.

  16. Get what you pay for is a great scare tactic. As long as you get C60 in your system that is all that counts. The problem is when they find something that no one has they charge OUTRAGEOUS prices to get rich. If the product is that good the more people that can get your product will still make you rich, just not overnight! It is greed. To make as much as possible till someone else finds problems with the product, or someone can make it cheaper not greedy, but willing to help all mankind at once. That is why we are still stuck without free energy. Whoever creates a way demands a PATENT on their product and that PATENT will squelch the product allowing the deep state to come in declaring it to be of National Security. Now they have no money and the people hurt without free energy. GREED. IS THE ONLY PROBLEM! NEEDING THAT PATENT SO NO ONE ELSE CAN STEAL YOUR GADGETS.

  17. Your website is out of this except for the large sizes that are close to $200 and over, I had to go to Amazon to find your product in the $97 range. Gonna give it a try!

  18. This is pushing the global agenda. If you believe that Earth is a globe and all the bullshit about Space than you will believe in C60 as something out of this World.

  19. The avocado oil has a simple taste easy to swallow. I am trying the product. Shipping was fast and I bought the C60 Purple power, which is one of the most expensive. Purity I am not sure of, but this presentation is very good. I too retired because I felt like crap and was expecting something worse to start.

  20. Listen, dear lady, I love you, and I really love your channel and I do have and take C60, but in olive oil, but this man, Ken, I do nut trust. Anyone who would come up with a wonderful substance and not tell us his name???no, no, no! That just does not fly. He does not want us to know his name so we cannot check his background. Happens all the time, but sooner of later it will come out

  21. URGENT!!!!!!!! i LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. i'M CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. pLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO. C-60 Tony Pantalleresco avoid C-60 and Omega-3. epsom salt counteracts aluminum. I've noticed some detrimental effects since you've been taking C-60 Thank you. Keep up the great work

  22. Can this be used for children? (12 and older.) Have some vaccine-induced food allergies/etc…wondering if this could help.

  23. I make my own liposome C. I make my own medicine out of herbs. If anyone has a heart condition Hawthorn works perfectly.

  24. I definatly would not order it from Amazon,or buy it at a big box store,but at a hundred a month two steep for ss people,if it came down to about 75 a month it would make it easier to buy for two people !

  25. I am a new subscriber to your channel and I really enjoy your videos. I went back a few months to watch some of your older video since I enjoy your content. I thought I would comment on how youthful you look in your present day videos. It must be the C-60! You seem to have lost 10 years in your age. Guess I'll be ordering some shortly 🙂

  26. I have been taking C60 myself for 5 months now with good results. However your guest made several incorrect statements, which make me suspicious of his presentation in general. He mentioned that every AI that has been created has gone off the rails. This is totally false. I work in the computer industry myself and can speak with knowledge on this subject. He also mentioned that C60 is purple. This is not true. Pure C60 is black. It is so black in fact, that it absorbs light. The purple color in his product is the result of the oil changing a darker color from being mixed with C60. C60 is a fabulous product, but incorrect statements such as these do not help promote it to the general public.

  27. I would like to hear about your guest credentials. I would like to take C60 but before some more cientific info. There is no way to get the link you left for additional info. Thanks. It is a fenomenal topic. Congrats!

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