Cartoon Network Is Trying To Get Rid of Steven Universe Conspiracy

The mother of all conspiracy theories! Is Cartoon Network trying to get rid of Steven Universe???

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We all know Steven Universe has been going through the gutters within the fandoms recently. With insanely weird leaks, in-community fights about what is filler and what isn’t. But hey, better this then the Lapidot/Perithyst fights, so yay! We’ve moved passed that bullshit!
Now let me bring up a topic that I hope blows up, causes mass panic and DESTROYS EVERYTHING!
Steven Universe is widely known as being one of the most diverse, game changing, progressive and interesting cartoon program on TV since ever.
The show is known for its colorful cast, handlings of every kind of relationship possible, mysteries, political undertone, awesometastic music and its ability to just push the envelope
It has gain a lot of praises and scorn from all angles, because not only does Steven Universe represent a lot of people and a ton of the masses feel represented by the show, it has also alienated so many more.
It generates controversy, causes scandals and has gotten (or got people into) a lot of trouble.
It’s not the most toxic but some can definitely argue that it is in the top 3 for having a slightly negative fandom.
Its audience is more mature then cartoon network had intended and has resulted in a lot of…adult artwork be produced for it.
Did I also mention my channel is not for kids? XD
The show does not skimp out on being dark and twisted and we can give thanks to all this fuckery to Rebecca Sugar.
The creator of the show and the first female one to do so independently on cartoon network.
So ya, she’s hit a lot of milestones and has been dominating for the longest time and is an incredible inspiration to all, me included.
Rebecca Sugar also, surprisingly, has complete, 100% creative control over her show. She decides what happens, when it happens and how it should happen without any interference from Cartoon Network.
And rightly so, because if Cartoon Network tired to interfere or tell her to stop, there’d be an outcry from women chanting “oppression in the workplace!”. So yeah, becky is really lucky and in a GREAT position.
Sort of like the deal Alex Hursh had with Disney over Gravity Falls (*plays sad music/See You Again*).
But unlike gravity falls, or maybe even too similar too it, both shows have great story, plot, mystery and a large audience.
Alex Hursh decided to draw his show to an end, in my opinion, prematurely, due to the stance of he did not want the show to be drawn out and that summer must come to an end.
Hey Alex, ever heard of Phineas and Ferb, summer is as long as you want it to be baby!
So rounding back to Rebecca’s show it’s clear Steven universe will have an end. It can’t be drawn out forever and the two creators do have similar mindsets and approaches to their respective shows.
But I’ve noticed a lot of things that are just flat out…odd.
Teen Titans Go is hands down one of CN most popular cartoons airing now, and it likes that.
CN likes the fact that TTG is popular and their doing everything in their power to keep it that way. Airing constantly, updating it constantly, you know the routine.
Teen Titans Go is easy to produce, market and air. It’s safe, predictable and upholds all of CN’s values. It’s doesn’t cause controversy, doesn’t have a toxic fanbase and doesn’t present a likely hood of having parent stage petitions to take the show down.
Same thing could be said for Regular show, gumball, and adventure time. But TTG is a cut above these because each show either has some serious under tones, diversity or an older audience.
Am I making any sense people?
I hope I am, cause even I’m a bit lost at this point.
So let’s recap, do you believe Cartoon Network is trying to sabotage Steven Universe’s airing by leaking new episodes and giving the show terrible airing time in an attempt to damage its ratings enough to have an excuse to pull the plug on it?
It’s no secret that CN doesn’t like the content that the show puts out and is more welcoming to shows that pander to the lowest form of intellectual standards for children. I don’t doubt for a minute that cartoon network would not undermine one of their own shows.
It would prefer shows easy to make on a weekly demand and have a younger audience.
Tweet this video at them and let’s give the people running the account a heart attack.
Let’s go viral people!
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  1. Sweetie you are still young, at 21 you are just getting started. You go and burn the world and make a name for you. You aren't the female Vox, you are damn better.

  2. Yes they are!! Check out the Legend of Korra!! Um there was a leak I think happened in season 3 moved the rest of the episodes to online viewing only!! And season 4 started hinting at the KorrAsami relationship. My ole ass loves a good cartoon with actual stories lines but I am know where in the demographic scheme of things. Great video with super valid points!!

  3. Omfg are you fucking serious why omfg cn is gonna get hate bc of this y'all retarded cn go get rid of teen Titans go or uncle grandpa

  4. I watched your other video talking about Steven Universe controversy. And I love how people are getting so fed up with same sex relations and problems to heavy for kids even tho they should be exposed to them. But my point is Teen Titan Go has some pretty weird moments. Moment's where I'm just like 10 years ago this would've been cancelled. Like that leg episode when they kept kicking and kissing each other's legs. It was just so cringy. And I can be a pretty dirty person. Or that one where Cupid shoots Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg. And they go gay for each other. And they wanna bash Steven universe for being bad with same sex stuff. Get outta here soccer moms who drive with back up cameras and auto parrallel parking

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