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Central Govt. Targets Telangana & AP States! Looks like it is going to be TDP, TRS Vs BJP. Staytuned to Challenge Mantra for more Political News & updates.

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  1. Poorthi news telisthe video petandi. Antunaru, Anukuntunaru, emmo. Clarity lenapudu pettadu. Ur goodwill may damage

  2. NaMo is no.1 cunning fellow..selfish.. arrogant…the way he behaviour with Advani and other political leaders who struggled alot for BJP is worst..

  3. MPs of both the divided states must under no circumstances show knee-jerk reaction to any of the cruelly crooked tantrums thrown at them, and must indispensable serve their tenures. Fight within is stronger than without, in order to diligently and perseverently snowball the injustice into an unmanageably mammoth proportions for the ruling dispensation, to clinch the issue with pride and dignity. M.sreenivas.

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