Conspiracy theories that will ruin your childhood we talk about the Rugrats, iCarly, Full House, Scooby-Doo and more!


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I’m Michelle Platti I make conspiracy theory videos, LGBTQ+ related videos and a ton of other fun stuff! I do videos like mandela effects, weird concepts, celebrity conspiracy theories, government conspiracy theories, and more!

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  1. Guys this video was prefilmed over a week ago! I'm in California so all my videos this week are filmed over a week in advanced. I know my friend Loey uploaded a similar video but of course this video was already scheduled to be posted by the time she uploaded the video. If you follow my twitter you will know as I posted the thumbnail for this video a week ago! I would never copy someone ever! x

  2. ok I am half Native American and half Irish. I am super pale, have freckles, and have red hair but I'm still native. Just because you don't have 100% of the traits your parents show that doesn't mean you can't be biologically related to them. Just because I don't have dark hair and tan skin doesn't mean I am not native. All it means is I got genes that don't show in my parents but show in me. I don't want to sound like a butt hurt kid behind a screen but when people pick on people bc they were born not how you expect them to look it drives me crazy. We are all human so we are all related

  3. The full house one that you said don’t call him uncle joey they did call him uncle Joey a few episodes

  4. Harry Potter isn’t a kid movie like Draco was already cussing in the first movie and book lmao. but okay. i love you!

  5. My childhood was ruined when I heard that the dad from 7th Heaven was a pedo in real life. I was SHOOKETH. lol No but seriously that show was my life back then, I absolutely adored it. That one and Dawson's creek <3

  6. My mom has blue eyes and brown hair, my dad has brown eyes and brown hair yet my brother and I were both born with blonde hair and green eyes soo.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. The only conspiracy that really messed with my childhood is the spongebob being the illuminati bc I swear I would watch that show everyday and it makes my sad bc that’s basically the show I loved!

  8. There was an episode of full house where they watched the video of Pam bringing Michelle home from the hospital

  9. The only problem I see is that Hitler didn’t have brown hair and brown eyes. He had blue eyes. I was taught throughout school that he had brown eyes though

  10. REASON ANGELICA CAN TALK TO THE BABIES AND THE ADULTS (TRUE THEORY) : Angelica is 3 years old (4 by the end) and at that age children have learned how to talk, so she is able to have conversations with the adults and they can understand her. but because she is also still so young and just started actually talking maybe a year before, she can still understand baby talk. remember the babies (other then dil who none of the babies can even talk to because he doesn't talk in gibberish) are a 1-2 years of age. have you seen videos of young children around that age just talking gibberish to each other and seeming like they completely understand? (i know there are a few viral ones) that's basically the concept. no one can talk to dil because he hasn't started babbling non sense. the adults cant understand the babies because to them it just sounds like gibberish. angelica (and susie) can talk to both because they've learned how to talk but they also recently stopped talking "baby talk" so they can still understand it. the babies also understand what the adults say because they know the language, but still haven't figured out how to actually say the words. the show is based around and actual conspiracy theory that toddlers who know how to talk, can still understand what infants are saying when they babble what we perceive as nonsense.

  11. with barry being freddie's dad i actually remember seeing a post a few months back with quite a bit more backing proof. and it made it seem a bit more legit, as well as the fact he said someone finally figured it out. i mean nickelodeon isn't against putting really weird and random stuff in their shows, so i wouldn't put it against them to do that. i feel like when writing the script it could've gone something like "hey, the woman we cast as freddie's mom looks like the girl from bee movie. we should change their last name to benson and leave little hints towards it throughout the series and see if fans can figure it out,"

  12. My mom has brown hair and brown eyes and my dad has black hair and almost black eyes. I am blonde with VERY blue eyes. This makes my question my decent😂

  13. 12:56 this is actually exactly what happened in my life… my mom was pregnant with me and during that time she broke up with the father, then her best male-friend helped her through some stuff and now we are here, 16 years later and her best friend basically raised me as my own father

  14. The one about Michelle not existing doesn't make sense. They have an entire episode about how Stephanie got Mr. Bear and it was given to her by her mother the day she got home from the hospital with Michelle. They even watch a home video of her coming with Michelle. So Pam did have Michelle before the accident.

  15. When I was super little and didn’t understand too much I would watch courage the cowardly dog and it didn’t bother me, but when I got a bit older and understood things better it started to creep me out because I understood that the old later was pretty much always about to get freaking killed in some way. Now I could watch it and be fine but it’s honestly a very morbid subject.

    (Edit: I wrote this before I listened to the actual theory.)

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