CHINA preparing to JOIN forces with North Korea in WORLD WAR 3 warns military expert – DAILY NEWS

CHINA preparing to JOIN forces with North Korea in WORLD WAR 3 warns military expert
CHINA has started preparing its military to support North Korea if World War 3 breaks out with the US, a military expert revealed.

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  1. Cry-Baby chinks I can't stand it that there's a real man running this country USA China does not accept refugees throughout the surrounding country pussies that's why the majority of her all five five they never grew up

  2. Trump is a very big trouble maker China Russia Iran India and many more countries do not like Bully Trump trump is making a lot of troubles this is real if these countries all Unite this is a message for all you Trump supporters they'll be no more America we all die because of stupidity Trump is not diffusing the problem Trump is adding fuel to the problem Trump talks about nuclear weapons like it is a toy

  3. Nam quốc sơn hà Nam đế cư
    Tiệt nhiên phận định tại thiên thư
    Như hà nghịch lỗ lai xâm phạm
    Nhữ đẳng hành khan thủ bại hư

    Sông núi nước Nam thì người dân nước Nam cai quản
    Rõ ràng đã được phân chia tại sách Trời
    Cớ làm sao bọn giặc TÀU VIỆT CỘNG ngỗ ngược kia đến đây xâm phạm

    South Mountain and Rivers belong to the People of Vietnam
    It was clearly divided in Heaven by GOD
    How dare did the China Vietnamese Pirate invade Vietnam
    South China Sea is the place to bury all China Vietnamese Pirate Dog

  4. Only Stupid Trump and his supporter dick sucker trust China lol. Smart America people never trust China since the world being.

  5. what it means here the agreement Trump V Jin Ping,,that's what it means ,,China never had close conection to US Milit,,at all or any other except on trade,, and that what was abused because Global crap for past 3 presidents ok..YOU ARE RIGHT ON THE POINT ,,cHINA CAN STILL and will help NK.. that's what Trump does not want ok..

  6. We need to tell China and Russia that if they invade North Korea we will sit on our hands and let them take over the country. The balance of power would not be disturbed and the threat of nuclear war would be greatly diminished.

  7. Dirty pigs, China is killing our children slowly with the phones, computers, and Tablets! And they export their Flakka drug to our country too! We can never trust Them! They have a frequency that emits from their products that make them addictive, and also has small amounts of radiation. Question, can they remotely use their products and turn up their frequency from afar and harm us or Worse? Makes me wonder.

  8. I hate China and world also, China true copier of technology from other nations world know about it at the same time transferring technology to most dangerous countries like North Korea and Pakistan. totally China is most dangerous country in the world

  9. Whatever happens………happens. not a damn thing any of us can do about it. All I know is, war ever breaks out there…….gonna be a lot of people dead.

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