City of Santa Rosa Council Meeting June 5, 2018

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  1. As per cell phones and towers and radiation, and negative health, what a surprise! it is all about convenience and profit, period. Our system is corrupt and busted.

  2. Very disappointing that none of the telecom companies could care less about the health of citizens and 99.5% of the population has no clue that this is coming! I do not want any "benefits from a 5G cell tower" on my property's light pole. I don't want one! My light pole is 15 feet from my front window!

  3. Currently there is enough wireless. Any further installs should be only wired connections. Each home can get their own wireless router if they so choose, but allowing Verizon to add even more small cell antennas and blast entire streets with radiation (that residents do not want) would be a very foolish decision. When cancer shows up, Legal matters will look back at meetings just like this one.

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