City of Santa Rosa Council Meeting March 6, 2018

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  1. I can't believe they are having a discussion about "which poles" to use that will benefit the community. We are talking about the INSTALLATION OF DEVICES THAT WILL EMIT CANCER CAUSING FREQUENCIES. There will be NO benefit to the fucking community, and certainly not to the children because their skulls are much thinner than an adults. Kids are going to be dropping like flies and the adults that are facilitating this deserve to be hung in public.

  2. 1:01:20 He couldn't find a research study, how about employing some fucking common sense? I have never read a study about what happens when you drive your car off a cliff but I have the innate god given sense to know what the result will be. There is a serious lack of common sense these days. There is something seriously wrong with the employees of these govt agencies.

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