Climate Change Creates ‘Atmospheric River’ From US To China

It stretches from China to the US. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

“A 5,000-mile-long belt of rain is battering the Northwest this week, an “atmospheric river” stretching across the Pacific Ocean from China to British Columbia.

The storm system, which some weather officials have described as “The Big Dark,” is expected to drop 10 to 15 inches of rain and snow over high elevations and 2 to 5 inches of rain over the Puget Sound region in Washington state.

The system could be seen earlier this week on an image released by NASA as a giant horizontal band of clouds over the Pacific. Dustin Guy, an official at the National Weather Service in Seattle, described it to The Seattle Times as “one long stretch of moisture a few thousands miles long that will be hitting us in the face.””*

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  1. Have you guys consider do your part as an individual by going vegan? 45% to 51% of green house effect gases are produced by animal agriculture and 70% of the US food supply is fed to animals for human consumption. Congressman are not the only option to solve this problem.

  2. I think that humans are behind the climate change we see today, but its funny to me to watch Cenk talk about shit he knows knows nothing about.

  3. Its not WORSE than scientists predicted…. Its just that, to even be listened to scientists have historically been required to give conservative estimates of predicted outcomes…across the board.
    This is for financial and investment purposes, if you don't know this…you really don't know how screwed we are.

  4. The University of California Television channel here on Youtube has had programs about Atmospheric River since 2015. This is not something they have models for yet in predicting weather patterns…

  5. Well many people don't know we could end up like Venus. Hence any idiot that thinks they can survive in a post apocalyptic world is just a full blown Retard. Oh and especially the ones thinking they will escape into space lmao. If we die from this or nuclear war, it serves us right.

  6. Honestly, it wasn't that bad (from ground zero in WA state where the river was aimed at). Already sunny again today. This happens EVERY October now. It's getting worse, but it's not a new thing when the jet stream dips South and points right over us.

  7. jesus christ cenk this has happened before and will happen again. "what have we done to the planet" I support you guys, sorta, but come on man, tone down the hype machine please

  8. _______████████__██████

  9. You know Cenk is serious when he says "it's coming quicker, heavier, and much more intense" without making (or at least thinking) a dirty joke….

  10. Try telling someone who'll actually do something about this.
    Remember that old saying "knowing is half the battle"? Well for TYT fans it's the whole battle, because all you and your cronies will end up doing is bitch and moan and cry, meanwhile nothing actually gets done.

  11. atmospheric rivers are nothing new, they account for up to 50% of annual precipitation in the western United States (e.g. the "pineapple express is an atmospheric river that goes from the Hawaiian islands to the west coast)

  12. H.A.A.R.P. created the Atmospheric River! We are being fooled into believing that global warming is causing this, but it's actually being created using H.A.A.R.P. Just think about how unnatural this formation is! This is artificially created!

  13. Scientific American magazine had an article years ago that predicted climate change would make this specific phenomenon more common. Still, science deniers will claim it's not happening.

  14. It's not man made. The ice caps are moving, it's a natural occurrence. This causes a flux in the earths normal weather patterns. Also, the oceans are warmer because of the grand solar minimum causing the heliosphere to shrink. This means the planets magnetic fields have shrunk. This means more cosmic rays for all the planets. I'll repeat, ALL THE PLANETS.
    Evidence? Ask the eskimos if the sun rises in a different place than before. Ask why all the airports have had to adjust to the new north. Ask why there are 93 new volcanoes in Antarctica.

  15. More man made climate change nonsense.

    The Young Turks are metrologists now??? This is laughable! Ya never before has there been clouds in the sky!!

  16. Well, Western Washington is pretty wet. Eastern Washington is pretty dry, thanks to the Cascades. We have a lot of prairies, scrub deserts and dry pine forest. Everyone assumes Seattle is the entirety of Washington, and it's really just a very small portion of the state.

  17. this is amazing i actually love this and i dont care who thinks i am horrible for enjoying this

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid i cant wait for toads to be living in that water after all it has rained toads before

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