Climate change: How can governments avert “Hothouse earth”?

It sounds like the title of a disaster movie, but a “Hothouse Earth” is what a group of climate scientists say we could be heading for – even if current carbon reduction targets are met.

Researchers from Sweden and Australia predict that in centuries to come global temperatures could increase by up to 5 degrees on the preindustrial average and this would lead to a drastic sea level rise of anything between 10 and 60 metres.

Johan Rockström, a professor in environmental sciences at Stockholm University and co-author of the new report, and Tessa Khan, co-director of the Climate Litigation Network, debate.
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  1. Govmnt's want climate change to happen as they no other way to depopulate the world, other than giving asylum to radical, extremist terrorist's to help depopulate the planet

  2. Amercan seed producers are already recommending that farmers plant 2 weeks earlier in spring because of North American winters are shorter. And wine grape priducers are buying or leasing property at higher elevations and with less sun exposure here in the Pacific Northwest. Argue all you want, farmers aren't stupid. They know what is happening.

  3. I learned in school that climate takes 100s to 1000s of years to change , while weather chnages in an instant , the climate is always changing , you can never stop that !!!!

  4. i know what happen , humans made helium/hydrogen brings air to get lost in space ( to disappear like dissolving ) when going up , so we are losing air , so more heat the summer into a thinner layers of air , more cold the winter into a thinner layers of air , earth is melting ice to free some air from ice , so more floods everywhere , plenty snow in every states cuz into a thinner layers of air . p.s trees doesnt make more air , trees converting co2 into o2

    all clouds has lower altitude already and makes rain stronger but has shorter rain time

    birthday party balloons will destroy the entire world , earth will be like mars
    more than 200 000 party balloons a day are the cause , in 50 to 100 years its bye bye world . ( total depressurisation of all the atmosphere of the earth )
    theses 2 gas consist the space and cant be use on earth

  5. While politicians think in term of election cyclesterms nothing will change as putting in place programs or initiatives to combat this cost money. How will they get reelected if they're telling their constituents they need to pay more taxes to pay for it? It won't help them stay in power so they aren't motivated to do it.

  6. Near-term human extinction due to abrupt, anthropogenic climate collapse is at once assured, quantifiable, verifiable and exponential. There will be no adaptation, no mitigation and no mutation. We are become merely passengers on a train heading over a cliff. Looks like we really were what some thought – a deluded tribe of psychotic simians rampaging through a fragile world.

  7. Resinous pines and oily eucalypus, which is the case in Portugal, make nice bonfires too. No diversity in nature I suppose. Hello Channel 4 cucks. ( Sorry, I just can't help it )

  8. Livestock farming must go as well. We can't avoid greenhouse gas emissions on an industrial scale with 10s of billions of farm animals including 100s of millions of cows emitting methane.

  9. Can we stop Global Warming?


    Feedback loops once they begin are extremely difficult or impossible to stop.
    If it was just one single feedback loop then maybe but it would be extremely difficult.
    If there are multiple feedback loops and they are acting as multipliers on the other ones then there is no way to stop them.
    It is the fact that these feedback loops are unstoppable that makes Global Warming impossible to stop.

    If you have information that refutes the findings of the scientists that have already published their findings then you should bring it to light.
    Feedback loops all act on each other and right now there are over 65 feedback loops in place.

    Can we stop Global Warming?


  10. If you really care to pay attention, then it's clear as melting ice that we have already tipped more than a few feedback loops (loss of albedo/melt of permafrost to name the most immediate), and those air conditioned, lobster catered Paris Agreements/Copenhagen Conferences are nothing but political theater to keep the herd herded.

  11. Why can’t we pass a law that states every new house being built must be built with a solar panel on the roof that’s a easy change that would be a good start, also if we as consumers pay attention to what we’re buying and how it effects the environment that’s another good step ie buying bird meat like chicken or duck instead of beaf, eating less meats also a good step, let’s stop looking at governments to do something and take responsibility ourselves!!

  12. Denying climate change is like denying 15 is greater then 5. Like basic math, there is no debate, unless you're a moron.

  13. No…, you can't. Any other questions? We're expecting a 5 degree rise in the next three to four years…, Guy Mcpherson…, anyone? By the way…, YOU R IN THE NILE!

  14. How can these people be so out of touch with reality. It’s far worse than what they claim. Do they still have an agenda or are they just stupid.

  15. Why did Obama bail out the auto industry 80 Billion dollars worth if he's such a good guy and doomsday is imminent? Isn't he like the second coming of Christ?

    The industry is failing, perfect time to let them die and give the consumers what they actually want rather than what they're forced to buy because it's all that's offered to them annnnnd 80 billion bailout from the democratic left. But it's Trump's fault, worst president since day 2, after spending the entire first day of his presidency claiming his inaugural speech of "uniting America" and "healing the country" was deemed eerie, dark, defiant and scary by the MSM.

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